Scarlet Hollow – Episode 4 Achievement Guide

This is a guide on how to get all the achievements in episode 4. I will try to be light on spoilers but obviously you should complete episode 4 first. The formatting isn’t great and there aren’t any pictures so just ctrl+f for the achievement name. I put this together quickly after finally getting them all because there were a few I was stuck on.

How to Obtain All Episode 4 Achievements

Note: Credit goes to Memes Of Production

Episode 4 Achievements

Dustin Quest

  • Have talk to animals and accept Dustin’s quest. Break into the greenhouse with powerful build (street smart probably also works but I didn’t test it).

Still Life

  • When searching for Stella visit her house.

The Smallest Church in Scarlet Hollow

  • When searching for Stella visit the church.

What’s the Buzz?

  • When searching for Stella visit the diner.

Why Won’t They Just Do Their Jobs?

  • When searching for Stella visit the police.

Picket Line

  • When searching for Stella visit the mines.

Library Card

  • When searching for Stella visit the library (you must have resolved the haunting).

At Least It’s (Probably) Not Haunted

  • When searching for Stella visit Oscar’s new house (you must have left the ghost).

Tear Down the Wall

  • Find Stella (see below) and with high opinion you can follow the dialogue options to start a romance.

Monster Lover

  • Have Hot and use it to calm Reese down. Then select the romance option.

You can’t start a fire…

  • Have a good relationship with Kaneeka and ask to talk to her after she goes to her room during tea time. Then pick the romance option.

Dream Daddy

  • Ask to speak to Oscar alone when visiting him and pick the romance option.

This is a Dating Sim, Right?

  • Pick any dialogue option labelled “(Romance)”.

Saving the Family Business

  • In the diner encourage the miner on the fence to not join the strike.

Rodriguez the Rat

  • Visit the mines and go talk to Tabitha in person. Don’t knock when entering.

Ice Cream Social

  • Tell Tabitha you miss her when meeting up with her at the mines and if she likes you she’ll have ice cream with you at the end of the chapter.

The Excavation of Oscar’s Basement

  • Resolve the haunting and then when visiting the library investigate the basement again.


  • Investigate Stella’s room while looking for her. Snoop on her computer with Book Smart and click all the options.

Time to Whip Out the Old String and Corkboard

  • When in the clinic with Reese you will have the option to read your families medical records, do so.

Where in the World is Stella Richmond?

  • Don’t do the below.

At the Edge of Everything…

  • To do this you need to find Stella which can be done in 4 ways:
    • You are given the option to talk to Tabitha about Stella being missing several times in episode 4. Do so and call her during the climax and she will take you to Stella. This may require a high relationship with her as well.
    • Have talk to animals and ask the dog militia to sniff her out. They’ll talk to you after the climax and lead you to her.
    • If you have a very high relationship with Stella she will call you (I have not personally experienced this but have been told it works).
    • According to the developers Gretchen can also help you find her but I do not know how.

I Never Forgot About You

  • Bring Tabitha to the above scene by calling her at the climax and encourage her and Stella to reconcile.

Get Stick Bugged

  • Have keen eye and talk with animals while in Kaneeka’s room (good relationship required) and notice her bug in the terrarium.

Tea Reading

  • Drink the tea with Sybil.

Friendship Ended with Dresser Rat

  • Have talk with animals and select Dustin as the cat during the tea reading.

Spill the Tea

  • During the tea reading spill the tea. You must either have street smart or not have drank tea with Avery.

Antagonistic Doctor Roleplay (ASMR)

  • If you aged in the previous episode you can get a checkup with the doctor instead of sneaking into the clinic.


  • Stay in the basement after Reese transforms.

Keeping the status quo

  • Do as Dr. Kelly says in episode 4 and sedate Reese.


  • Don’t give the doctor the tranquilliser and don’t call Tabitha.

Cousin Bonding Time

  • Call Tabitha and have her deal with Reese.

Tame the Beast

  • Have Hot and use it to calm Reese down.

The Artist

  • Finish the chapter.

For all the trait ones just do as before and finish the episode with the trait.

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