School of Dragons: How to Train Your Dragon – Ultimate Guide to Getting Good

If you want to have lots of dragons like me, you gotta follow this guide. This guide can get you up and running with 5-6 dragons and way more to come along. Trust me, and believe in yourself.

Getting Started

So, once you finish your tutorial and everything, it’s a smart idea to start out by doing a bunch of quests. It may take a while, but it’s a good idea. Once you have saved up about 1,000 coins, buy these two things;

  • Icestorm Island Expansion Pack.
  • Battle For The Edge Expansion Pack

Now, about the Gems- Save up and take all opportunities to get more. Your end goal is to get 500 as soon as possible.

Leveling up your baby dragon is a very smart thing to do. Take your baby dragon on quests instead of your adult, and level it up to level 5. Before it can become a teenager, you have to go to Hiccup cause he has a quest to age up your dragon. (don’t fuss, it gives you extra coins. (it only happens once as well)) This way, it can glide, and not be totally useless.

After it’s level 5, you just need to get it to level 10 and it can fly. (again, another quest but i forget who it’s from.) Now that both your dragons can fly, it’s time to start talking about the expansions and their importance.

Expansions and Their Importance

So, you’re probably wondering why i told you to flush 1,000 coins in the toilet for those Expansion Pack thingies. (also, if you couldn’t find them in the store, they’re under the world icon with the plus on it.) They each give you a dragon, both of which are extremely useful in their own ways. That 1,000 coins just saved you 1,500 gems. *mind blown* 

The Groncicle is great for racing. it has good turning rate, good acceleration, and good speed. All of which are very important for being first. 
The Armorwing is good for Stable Quests, as it has high heat which is important for multiple of the quests.

But, in order to get these amazing dragons, you must first complete 72 total Expansion Pack Quests. (50 in Icestorm Island, 22 in Battle For The Edge.) Some require specific items that you can fish for or you can grow on your farm. Some also require dragons that can fly, so that’s why both your dragons needed to be able to fly before getting to the Expansions. After you complete all the quests, the Armorwing and the Groncicle are yours. (Keep in mind they are both level 1 when you get them. The Armorwing is already an adult, but the Groncicle is only a Teen.) Before you can fly on them and stuff though, you need Stable Slots for them.


You have to have stables to keep your dragons in. You currently have 2 stable slots, but if you remember earlier i mentioned you need 4,000 coins. Those extra 3,000 go into buying the UDT stable. UDT stands for Ultimate Dragon Trainer. Before you can buy the stable, you need 2 things-

  • 15,000 UDT points 
  • 3,000 Coins

UDT points are gained fro things like Racing, Dragon Tactics, Battle Events, etc. I’ll fill you in on all of those later. It will be a little while before you get your desired beautiful Armorwing and Groncicle, but it will be worth it in the end. Another important thing you should be keeping up on is your Gem amount. When you get 500 (from various resources like Dragon Tactics and Daily Rewards) you can get a Titan Wing Dragon. These Titans can do special Stable Quests for gems or even more Dragon Eggs. (I’ve gotten 4 dragons from the one quest that gives a Mystery Box of dragon eggs.) Some Stables have 4 slots, some have 5. the Dream stable has 5 slots, the rest have 4. They also each cost 300 Gems. But anyways, that’s enough about Stables and how to get them, onto the next section.

Battle Events

Battle Events are where Vikings team up at the Training grounds to fight a Scouting Ship that is invading the Training Grounds’ Waters. After the Ship is destroyed, Vikings who participated (depending on the damage they did) get a Mystery Box of random Rewards. These Rewards often include:

  • Farm Items (decorations, livestock)
  • Fish
  • Stables
  • Dragon Eggs
  • Saddles (Defenders Saddles)
  • Warpaint

Battle Events occur every other hour. Depending on your time zone, it will be different times than mine, i assume. Moving on to Stable Quests now, since that’s all about Battle Events.

Stable Quests

There are a variety of Stable Quests that you need certain dragons to do. Every dragon type has 2 Abilities: For Example, the Hideous Zippleback has Burst and Gas, Gronckle has Armor and Agile, Deadly Nadder has Speed and Razor, and the Monstrous Nightmare has Aura and Focus. Fishlegs often tells you what icon is required for certain quests, so make sure your dragon has the matching icon to get 100% chance of success. Some quests require a certain type of dragon, and that type of dragon only.

On to the Minigames, like Dragon Tactics, and Racing!


Dragon Tactics- You and other characters team up against a bunch of enemies and complete all the objectives to win! you can get cool rewards from this game (like gems), and requires certain answers to questions (so you better get memorizing and researching!) and also certain expansion packs give you new fun levels to play (example- Icestorm Island Expansion gives you new levels)!

Thunder Run Racing- Here, you race against other Vikings to be first place. Your dragon has to be an adult to play. Fly through all the green glowing hoops to finish the race, and if you miss one, you gotta turn around and fly through it.

Fireball Frenzy- You fire at targets (dragons ignore their shot limit for a short period of time) and try to get the highest score. You can use teenager dragons here.

Flight Club- You can use teenager dragons here, to learn to fly your dragons better. Ideal for mastering racing. Also, you can ride any of the dragons in the series, but you have to buy them. (hookfang is free)


You want Achievements? You Got Achievements. 

If you complete the training course in Dragon Tactics, you get 50 gems. Achievements, not really sure how to assist you, since most of them are really simple. But keep on working, and dont give up. When Someone wants to be friends, always say yes, because you can get achievements for that.

If you visit your friend a bunch of times, you get an achievement (or three). So keep working and don’t let up, all you Achievement Earners out there. ;)Wrapping It All UpYou can continue your journey of saving up gems, buying dragons, getting Titans, and much more. This Guide was to help propel you through the basics and into the actual fun stuff. You can keep playing this game to your heart’s content, and enjoy this game beyond this guide. i REALLY hope this helped. Thank You for reading, Have a nice flight.

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  1. My daughter and I have have been messing around with the game for a while. This will help us get a little more serious. Thanks.

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