SCP: Blackout – Survival Guide

In this game, you die. And you die alot. I’ll be teaching you some tips and tricks to not die, so lets get started!

Chapter 1: L1 & L2 Keycards

Note: Credit goes to tatertot

So, a catastrophic breach just occurred in the depths of the facility. You might be asking yourself, where do I go now? Well for the remainder of your time, Dr Harman will “help” you out. He should tell you to go to the guard room, where a keycard will be on a table in the middle, the desk by the window, or in one of the cabinet. There should be a flashlight, two batteries and a radio in the guard room you should help yourself to. Now, you have armed yourself with a flashlight, and the next keycard should be in either the Quarters, D-Class bath, or staff bathroom. If it’s in the quarters, it will be in the cabinet, on the ledge, or on one of the desks. While your here, go to the safe on the left side of the room, type 230974 into the safe and equip it. If its in either of the bathrooms, what you’ll wanna do is check the stalls, sinks, and benches. Now, Dr. Harman will tell you to head to either the Break Room or Warehouse. If it’s in the Warehouse, its on one of the boxes in the middle. If its in the Break Room, it’s on the desk to your right, the tables, or on the counter. And that’s all for Chapter 1 [spoiler] of inevitable death and betrayal!

Chapter 2: Tunnel Switches

Now Dr. Harman will tell you to go head to the maintenance office, which is in the M-Wing. Do so. In order to open the maintenance tunnel doors, using the door as a reference point, go directly right, and hit the switch. now turn around and find the panel box, and flip all those switches. Remember to go into the office and grab all those supplies in there, and remember the red doors? Those are the tunnels. From here turn left once you get out of M-Wing and go straight to the Break Room. Now, let’s designate tunnel names: Break Tunnel (breakroom), Quarters Tunnel (quarters) and Staff Tunnel (staff bathroom). For the break tunnel, go down the stairs and there will be more stairs, go down em. Keep going, and flip the switch. Now run back up avoiding the little monsters. Now go to the Staff Tunnel next, and simply follow it until you find the switch. Now the Quarters Tunnel is the most confusing. If you go through the door near the Warehouse, take two rights and keep going, flip the switch, or take a left then a right then a left, and flip the switch. From Sector 32 entrance do the same thing. If you go through the quarters,Take two rights and flip the switch, or take two lefts and flip the switches, and bam, all 3 should be done!

Chapter 3: L3 & L4 Keycards

Now you need some keycards to get into the new offices. Look at the map and go to the following places: Observation D, Lab 103, and Control Room. If they arent there, go to Lab 103 and go to the computer, open the valves, burn or freeze, open, and override the lockdown, and look in there. Next, head to the offices near the Staff Bathroom hallway, and look in those. If they arent there, look in the Sector 32 Containment Suit Storage (be sure to decontaminate yourself)! Pretty simple, right? Well it gets harder.

Chapter 4: Computer Override

First, you want to head over to Dr. Gerald’s office near the Break Room, and override that computer. Now head to the quarters and before you reach the turn right. Right when you reach Sector 32, turn right again, and head into the Sub Level, go left into Safe Storage. Continue and stay on the first floor until you reach the archive. Right as you enter turn left and override the computer. Now go to the third floor and the HR Offices, and head to the last office on your right, and override it. And you’ll be met by being [DATA EXPUNGED] by Dr. Harman.

Chapter 5: Sub Lab 11

The power will most likely go out after you get [REDACTED] by Dr. Harman. You should run to Sub Lab 11 and enter. Here, I have to say, it is randomly generated, but from here theres only one way to go.. you can go through the halls, basement, or vents, and i recommend through the vents. Here you will find a new SCP: The Marionette, but just look at him to stop him. After you contain TELR, grab the Elevator Override Keycard, but be careful. once you exit, RUN TO THE ELEVATOR. Everything will be fleshy, so go ahead and head through the basement to the quarters, and run to the elevator.. but I hope you’re ready for disapointment, because it’s not that satisfying. But heyy, you beat it!

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