SCP: Daybreak – Second Door Code Guide

Second Door Code Guide

The Official Dev guide to the second door code, find highlighted numbers in the area surrounding the keypad, They Are Not In Order.

Second, Imput the Numbers in different combinations until you get the code right.

If you still have a problem – here is the code – Second Smallest Number, The Second Biggest Number, The Biggest Number, then the Smallest Number.

Created by Squiffy


  1. can comfirm that the sequence dev posted does not work. it is second smallest(4) biggest(7) second biggest(5) smallest(1)

  2. Do you know how many DAMN combinations of numbers there are with FOR RANDOM NUMBER COMBOS!?!?!? I gave up and just shut the damn game off! If these are the puzzles and NO action yet to speak of… just forget it!

  3. 4751 jesus — randomly ordered numbers isn’t a puzzle it’s a Highway to a negative review, my man

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