SCP: Nine-Tailed Fox – How to Fix Lag / Low FPS

An extremely short method that I have found to effectively reduce the lag of the game and increase my FPS significantly.

How to Fix Lag / Low FPS

The Solution

If you have encountered low FPS throughout the game or significant drops in FPS during certain sections (despite having a decent PC), then you have also likely tried the usual methods to fix this issue (lowering graphical settings, playing in windowed, etc).

However, the solution that I found to legitimately solve my problem entirely is one that is seemingly counter-intuitive.

Simply put: Set the game to the HIGHEST resolution possible, not a lower one.

Windowed or Fullscreen doesn’t seem to make a difference, nor do other graphical settings. I am unaware of why this works, as it is usually something that yields the opposite effect when trying to increase the performance of most games, but regardless it does seem to work.

So, that is it. If you are experiencing lag for seemingly no reason, then it is likely solvable by simply raising the resolution for whatever reason. I believe that this is a small issue that may be uncommon among this game’s players, but it seems worth mentioning for the sake of those encountering it nonetheless.

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