SCP: Secret Laboratory – How to SCP-079

How to SCP-079

Note: Credit goes to activat0r

Well what is there to say about SCP-079?

It’s one of the most unpopular SCPs to ever exist in the game. And after all, it’s also the most unplayed SCP there is too.

But if you end up as SCP-079 how do you nerd out the tactics to be a professional SCP-079 player? The answer is simple.

SCP-079 is also better known as “The Computer” or “The Camera”.

I mostly stick to “The Computer” but I rarely find myself becoming SCP-079, but how can they be changed? It usually can’t, as you can’t be able to determine your own SCP, but occasionally you can easily become a good 079 player.

What I usually do when I play as 079 is to ask until my teammates what I can possibly do. I usually go straight to the “Light Containment-Zone” you know where all the funny orange players are jumping around. And keep an eye out for where they’re hiding so you can tell your teammates.

SCP-079 gets XP over time assisting teammates with opening and closing doors or gates. Or making use of the speaker function to talk to other players around the facility.

But remember to protect your own room at all costs, and tell your teammate to deactivate generators. If 3 generators are enabled they can access your room and press the “Red Button” which initiates a facility blackout lockdown for 7 seconds until rebooted. When the facility have been rebooted you are no longer playable as SCP-079.

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