Sea of Thieves – Can You Switch PVP Off (Passive Mode)

Passive Mode in Sea of Thieves

Since Sea of Thieves has been available for some time, all pirate lovers are aware of it. It has gradually emerged as one of the most prominent open-world pirate games available at the moment. However, players have frequently grumbled about several of its features. The fact that this game is somewhat competitive but everyone is susceptible to griefers and, eventually, thieves, is the main problem that everyone is now facing.

Is there a method to play the game solely in PvE or some other passive mode where other players are prohibited from attacking you or stealing your belongings?

Some players find it quite problematic when RPGs lack a passive mode. The fact that Sea of Thieves says it in the title, “Sea of Thieves,” is noteworthy, nevertheless.

In other words, that is the purpose of the game—to make players feel anxious after gathering some resources and heading out to sea.

So, does Sea of Thieves have a passive mode?

  • Unfortunately, there is no passive mode in the game, and users cannot turn off PVP.

Many argue that this game requires an additional gamemode in lieu of a PVP-off option. Because the main objective of the game is theft, which a PVP-off switch would eliminate, that may be much better.

Additionally, Sea of Thieves is working toward a certain motto, which is “Tools not rules.” Therefore, everything is on the table, which greatly increases its interest and rewards.

The subject of whether a new gamemode should be anticipated is now unspoken by the creators. It appears to be the right decision when considering all the factors.

However, we are unsure of Sea of Thieves’ exact future course at this time. The only thing left to do is to refuse to engage in PVP encounters.

This means that you should not use any flags, turn off all of your lights, store your shiny possessions in chests, etc. Although it is not a wonderful solution, it is the only option left. Consider it as going undercover.

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