Sea of Thieves – Cursed Crews & Cursed Captains

The purpose of this guide is to help you complete the following commendations:

  • Hunter of Cursed Crews.
  • Hunter of Cursed Captains.

Mysterious Journal

A Mysterious Journal is a quest source that can provide one random Quest into the Quest Radial. When read, it will provide a brief narrative before giving one quest to the quest wheel of every pirate in a crew. This map can be a Treasure Map, Riddle Map, or Bounty Map. Quests from the journal do not have to be completed in order to complete a crew’s Voyage.

Where to Find

A Mysterious Journal has a rare chance to be found at on islands, often among Barrels.

The Right Mysterious Journal

When you find a journal you need read it and take the quest. If the quest is other than a Bounty Quest you need to find another journal

If the quest is a Bounty Voyage you can start reseting it.

Mysterious Journal Loop

The GIF just above is showing you how to reset the journal and keep on taking new quests. Keep doing it until you have at least 10 full pages of Bounty Quests.

If the journal is not resetting, it’s probably because you’re not going far enough from the island. Try going further!

Quest Completions

Time to complete all the quests. I would recommend finding crewmates and filling your food barrels to make it easier !

The reason for why you should have at least 10 pages is because there’s a higher chance to have multiple quests on the same island and have the same result as you see on the screenshots below.

Finish your Commendation

Do this a few times and you will complete your commendations very fast.

I hope this guide is clear and easy to follow. Wish you look with your commendations.

Happy to help Sea of Thieves Completionists!

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