Sea of Thieves – How to Fix Zeros in Captain’s Logbook

This guide will show you how to quickly get rid of all those zeros in your logbook and display the correct stats from playtime over multiple sessions.

Fix Logbook Zeros

You may have noticed that your log book displays a lot of zero’s for your captained ship’s history.

This guide will show you how to fix your zeros OR even add additional stats to the first page.

This guide also applies to the captain section on the next page of the log book.

First, open your milestones page. (Next to the Pirate log in the menu).

Select your Captained Ship section.

And navigate to the stat’s you would like to include.

The default stats are at the bottom of the voyage section.

Next you will click the stat and hit ‘2’ (above qwerty, numberpad will not work).

If you’ve done it correctly you will see this icon next to it.

You can also pin specific stats to that very blank milestone homepage using the ‘1’ button. This will display a pin button.

After you’ve added the stat’s to the log book the logbook will display the correct numbers to you or anyone else view it.


I made this pretty quickly, and it’s kind of ugly, but it gets the job done.

Created by Sarah~Lafayette

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