Sea of Thieves – How to Get Gold and General Tips

Tips to Get Gold and More

If you playing alone i think it’s more important to learn how to sail properly first.

Making money is secondary because if you’re not good at using your ship, then whatever big money you make will end up in someone else’s pocket or deep in the sea.

Try doing some merchant missions, you buy the merchant emisary at the docks and buy some simple voyages, they will usually make you carry a bounch of objects from an outpost to a seapost, island or other outpost.

They’re not big money but you can complete them easy and fast while you practice some sailing and you don’t leave your ship alone for too long.

If you want risky stuff you can try doing gold hoarders instead, you get their emisary and their missions from a green little tent usually in the center of the outposts, but they usually ask you to wander around islands digging for chests or clues to find vaults, if you playing alone your ship will be completly expossed until you learn to find things faster, people can easily sink you and steal or just roosterblock your missions.

Only use anchor if it’s absolutely needed. Rely on slowing down your ship by tucking sails and coasting along. The ship will come to a complete stop as long as the sails are tucked. As long as the anchor isn’t dropped, this can give you extra time in getting under way or even escaping the danger of other players and island hazards.

Have you seen those weird clouds and tornadoes go to one its bit risky but they give lots of gold and skeleton ships are pretty good for practice combat.

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