Secret Neighbor – Basic Guide

Tips for both Neighbor and child!

As Neighbor

Radar: Makes a loud pinging sound (kids will know when you use it) but use it often because it is crazy good.

Block: You can Block! making items you are hit with not stun you

Mask: If your cursor is on a child and you press R you can transform into that specific child (do this often so they cant identify you)

Bear Traps: are amazing on doorways and windows (very bad in plain sight) you also have a seemingly infinite amount of them? (I have never run out)

Passive: Blocking 5 items makes you invincible? (haven’t been able to test yet)

As Clown

Clown has a slightly different kit of abilities but more or less played the same.

Camo: You can play reverse prop hunt and turn into props.

Smoke Bomb: Throws a smoke bomb that does damage and slows whoever is inside it.

Passive: Dazzles a kid who escapes your hands.

As Child

BAGGER The bagger is very good especially if you are new because he is extremely easy to play and very rewarding the only child with 3 perks

Backpack: He gets a free +1 inventory slot and after doing his quest (carry 3 items for two minutes timer does NOT reset on losing a item) he gets another +1 slot for a total of FOUR slots.

Heavy Bones: He’s a tubby so the neighbor walks mega slow when carrying him. The neighbor is basically a still target for you to hit as your fat friend is being held.

Strong Knees: Fall damage is 20% less for him no big deal right? WRONG he can jump from the roof and live no problem so it might as well be “fall damage doesn’t hurt you”

BRAVE Easily my pick for the worst child she isn’t that bad, but in comparison to how amazing everybody else is she just stack up. Only 1 perk

Counter Strike: After pelting the killer with 4 objects you can whack him with a bat when you get picked up making him drop you. This would be great if it STUNNED him but it doesn’t he can go back to chasing you instantly and if it was the clown neighbor you will be DAZED so good luck not getting picked back up in seconds.

DETECTIVE Absolute unit this guy wouldn’t suggest playing him until you know the house pretty well and can identify the rooms via the pictures he gets but once you know your way around he can get keys and escape SOO FAST

Field Intel: He gets pictures of rooms where the keys are and after picking up the key in the pictured room he gets a new picture of a room with another key.

Intuition: After finding the key in his photo twice he can see a keys exact location through the map.

INVENTOR I don’t like this one but I would be lying if I said he wasn’t very useful.

Tinkering: Can make guns at 5 gears (don’t make the other things they aren’t anywhere close as useful as guns)

Reverse Engineering: After finding 5 gears he can use the clocks on the wall to open and close the neighbor gates (very fun you can close his own gates on him and get around the map a lot faster because you won’t ever be blocked off).

LEADER She is very good her quest is slightly too much imo just because the games are usually not long enough for her to use it on that many people

Inspiration: RUN! she yells as everybody in a 10 meter range is invigorated into running at mach 5 for a couple seconds

Team Work: After using RUN! on 25 people you can dazzle the neighbor when you use it (it’s pretty rare you get to actually use this but it’s fun).

SCOUT Hands down my favorite class absolutely bully to the neighbor. (Also PLEASE fix her quest)

Slingshot: This is just so mean she can spam nuts from her slingshot which she has 15 nuts, more than enough to down someone and have missed a couple shots (she can STUN LOCK with this baby so that kids throwing stuff at you don’t stand a chance) there is a couple nut refills around the map but the only ones you will really use are in the shed outside and in the first hallway upstairs)

Evasive Maneuvers: Currently broken but this would be way way too overpowered anyway she is supposed to be able to run 15% speed after hitting the neighbor 3 times but the bar just goes to 2/3 and then back to 1/3 instead of completing. (Children are already a good deal faster than the neighbor is so this 15% speed would just be mean she would only get caught on corners or in small spaces because the neighbor would never be able to catch her).

Other Stuff

Always be carrying something to stun the Neighbor/Child you are chasing.

Most lamps/lights can be turned off.

Doors can be temporarily blocked off with a chair if you close it and then place the chair on the door.

Flashlights are extremely bright and can be lit while on the floor so you can make blind traps with flashlights so that children walking in can’t see your obvious bear trap or the neighbor can’t see without walking past it/picking it up.

Being “dazzled” via escaping the clowns hands or being hit by leaders RUN! means being blindedyour screen is temporarily super colorful and you can’t see through it for a couple seconds.

You can hear a lot of the neighbors actions such as cloaking/uncloaking, picking up a child, setting a beartrap, using radar. Knowing what these sound like will be massive in helping you not die.

Some items are heavier than others and do more damage but can’t be thrown nearly as far like a bowling ball.

You can wear a red pot as a hat.

Guns are crazy OP and can instantly down whoever is hit by it, however they only have one shot and once the shot is used up the cork on the end of the gun will be missing so if someone is pointing a gun at you and there’s no cap they are out of ammo and there isn’t any actual threat.

Boxes are one of the best items in game as they are light and can travel pretty far but also thick making them easy to hit with.

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