Secret Neighbor – Quick Guide for Beginners

Because the game doesn’t do a very good job of telling you how to not get touched by the creepy clown.

Before You Start Playing

First things first

You will probably notice that there is a selection of kids/neighbors to play as.

It’s important you check each one to see their abilities and passive effects before you play a match.

I’m not gonna tell you what each one does, but they are all unlocked at the start except Clown.

Your objective

I see a lot of kids saying ‘bro its my first time wtf do we do’, so im gonna tell ya.

Children – Unlock the door to the Basement. Sounds simple, huh?

Too bad there are a ton of locks stopping you.

Find the color-coded keys and bring them to the locked door near the front entrance of the house. Just because you found a key does not mean it can unlock a lock. Take a look at the locks first to see what color keys need to be found.

Unlocking the door wins the game.

The Neighbor – Eliminate all the Children

Your main attack is choking which will take about 5 seconds to kill, but can be interrupted by other Children throwing stuff at you.

Pretty easy if you find someone alone, they are almost guaranteed to die.

Actually Playing the Game

Start of the match

Everyone will spawn at the front of the house as Children, but one of you is actually the Neighbor in disguise.

Children will start looking for keys and equipment while the Neighbor will be looking for easy targets to pick off.

How to not get insta-wrecked as a child

If getting choked out is not your kink, try to stay in a group of at least 3 people.

Even if one person is the Neighbor, the 3rd person can save you from an early death.

If finding keys is hard, ask a Detective to give you a hint on a key’s location, or if you wait long enough Crows will start appearing near them.

Always have something you can throw at the neighbor.

An unarmed child is a dead child.

How to be the tattle-tale strangler

If you see someone run off alone, just follow them and kill them ASAP, super easy.

Set traps or blend in with a disguise when Children aren’t nearby.

Listen for glass smashing or boxes being thrown around to find children easily.

Camping the basement door or keys is a scummy move, but it works.

Flashlights can be used to partially blind Children that are trying to yeet boxes in your face.

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