Selaco – How to Bring Wilson to Home Safely

How to Bring Wilson to Home and Get Achievement

If you want to get Wilson home and snag that achievement, listen up. I found out the hard way that trying to do it while playing the game normally can be a real pain. Wilson keeps getting lost, dying, or blowing up. So, I’m gonna tell you how I did it without any hassle, except for getting lost a few times and having to check the map.

First things first, leave Wilson where you find him at the start of the game. You can always come back for him later, along with anything else you might have missed. Just play the game like usual until you reach the Starlight Area. When you go underground, you’ll get a message saying something like “there’s no turning back.” This is a good spot to save or make a separate save file. Now you can go back and get any secrets or achievements you missed, like the Spacebro and Wilson ones.

To get Wilson, use the tram in the saferoom to go back to the beginning level. Go to your room and grab him. Then, just walk him home. It’s that simple. All the enemies will be dead, so nothing will get in your way. Keep in mind that you can’t take him into the saferoom elevator to travel to Selaco. There’s some kind of barrier that stops him from going in. Maybe he’s afraid of small spaces, who knows?

Make sure you hold onto Wilson when going through loading areas and don’t throw him into them. I had to reload a save because he didn’t show up on the other side. Also, don’t slide kick or slide kick jump while holding him, or you might launch him and lose him.

There are a few tricky parts where you’ll have to throw Wilson up ladders or try to get him to stay on ledges. I kept quick saving whenever he was in a safe spot. It took me about an hour to get him home with no enemies around, but I think it’s the way to go.

When you use elevators that load into new areas, drop Wilson, hit the button, and then pick him up again quickly. If you don’t, he might disappear, and you’ll have to reload your save.

Once you’re in your workshop/HQ area, just take Wilson upstairs to your room. When you enter the room with him, you’ll get the achievement, and you can put him wherever you like.

I hope you found this useful.

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