Shadow Man Remastered – Beating the Seraph Queen

How to beat the seraph queen on horror and normal difficulties.

How to Beat Her

Items needed:

  • Baton
  • Ensign
  • Marteau
  • Violator
  • Tete de Mort

Just gonna tell everyone about my experience with this lady so new players will have an idea of how to kill her for the achievement.

This fight is not fair, its a tedious grind and she will kill you cheaply over and over. Idc how skilled anyone says they are, it didn’t take me 4 or 5 tried but probably over 60, I’m serious.

First time I got there, through the water tunnel and past the shoot a dude while he’s swimming guards (use the ensign they are hook and rifle guys if you got enough energy you can easily kill them with the shadowgun before the ensign runs out, make sure not to use ensign until you are trying to get up the only good ledge).

Once you get past them, kill all enemies, and open the shortcut with the seraph queen. Do not do this fight without the baton because then you’ll have to go all the way through the water tunnels.

Once you open the way, well you probably won’t wanna fight her without full violator and mort ammo. So just teleport out with the teleport alter active. You can go to the train depot and stock up on violator ammo as well as yellow skulls. Once you have enough there you can go to the safe temple of fire checkpoint for health. Once you are fully powered up go back to the experimentation rooms and get ready, save before you fight her. You probably won’t win the first encounter but if you do congratulate yourself you are a shadowman master. Anyway highly suggest having the violator, mort and marteau. You can get both the violator and mort in this very level somewhat early. But I highly recommend waiting for the marteau as its actually what helped me kill her in the end.

First phase of the battle I just pumped in as much violator and mort ammo as I could until it was done. Then after trying desperately to fight back with the shadowgun was killed. I then started a groundhog day style journey (brilliant bill murey movie), going back, popping shadowgun shots, dying, and repeating. I’m really not sure if it helps, shadowgun is what ultimately kills her with the last shot but before that I didn’t notice it doing anything and i went in there with her dozens and dozens of times.

Finally I got fed up and did a little exploring, filled up my health and yellow (not much violator ammo that I could find in there) and went and tried again. I saved right before the door with her. So even with full ammo and health I tried again and again to kill her with shadowgun. Eventually I got fed up with that because SHADOWGUN WOULD NOT KILL HER. So I decided to load up that save again with full ammos. This time I changed my tactic, I changed to the marteau and shadowgun instead of mort. The problem with the mort, she was teleporting and moving to fast for it to be effective. I noticed that the marteau actually locks on to her, I saw some of the fire even chase her into the air.

After switching, it didn’t happen first try but I noticed the marteau hitting her a lot. She couldn’t avoid it as easily as the other weapons. Finally I emptied all my marteau energy in her. She didn’t die and I just got mad and fed up so I refused to let her kill me so fast this time, just for principal. I side stepped, jumped, kept my distance and popped the shadowgun full charged. Finally she staggered and the last shot sealed the deal. After a bit of a delay the achievement finally popped. So give it some time if you don’t see it immediately.

So in closing gotta say I believe the marteau is the key here. She avoids so much direct fire that the marteaus seeking helps so much. It probably works well with the other seraphs as well which I’ll have to try out.

Even with the marteau, full health numerous times, full yellow, full violator ammo, she still took literally dozens and dozens of back and forths for me. So my method may not work well for you some people claim it took 5 tries. Or even 4, I didn’t find her that easy at all and the back and forth was quite repetitive. But eventually, through maybe the marteau or maybe she was just softened up by then, I managed to kill her. From my exp anyway and I’m interested to hear other strategies, the heat seeking nature of the marteau really did the trick but of course the shadowgun seals it.

Hope this information helps she was a major pain.

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