Shadows Over Loathing – Wire Coat Hanger Locations

Here are the 5 locations I know of where you can find a Wire Coat Hanger. This guide is, by nature, a spoiler.

Locations of Wire Coat Hanger

Wire Coat Hanger Locations

Here are 5 Wire Coat Hanger Locations:

  • Ocean City – tentacle house (2nd floor, right door, in cabinet).
  • Crystaldream Lake – junkyard, on the ground in the tunnels.
  • S.I.T. – Frat party house (Zeta Omega Omicron) I think it was on the 2nd floor, just look around, it was easy to find. Note: If you do the mob questline, you won’t be able to unlock this location until you do some of the mob quests. It will be unlocked after the second time you talk to Greasy Steve in the Fission Chips restaurant who sends you there.
  • The Big Moist – Dauphin House (2nd floor right-side Bedroom in wardrobe). You’ll need to discover the sunken railroad car to get this location and then you’ll need to unlock the 2nd floor by partially completing this quest.
  • Gray County – Maize Maze.

I’ve read that there are only 5 Wire Coat hangers in the game but that there are 6 situations that require their use. If that is the case, and you want to unlock them all, you will need to use the cursed key to unlock one of the situations. I’ve been informed that some of the situations the Wire Coat Hanger is needed for include only rewards such as items, loot or meat which are not crucial to finishing the game or getting an achievement.

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