– Spaceship Guide Fully Automated and Modular

A guide to setup an automated modular plan for creating the Spaceship needed towards the end. I stop a lot of the design from someone else and made it modular so that you can create one and then copy and paste one after another above the original.


First you will need to create the separate resources and their colors (red star, white circle, non-colored circle, blue circle, red circle). Those resources will come in from the bottom.

Once you have the setup, you can see highlighted in blue what part is modular (copy and paste). You can see above that the actual setup. Make sure each copy is pasted directly above the original and in line so no shifting left or right. The larger setup is getting all the colored shapes. Otherwise, once one is made, you can copy and paste to fit the total number of resources available.

Created by ASHarwood

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