– The Ultimate Compact Rocket Factory

This is a compact, repeatable factory design to make the rocket / spaceship shape from raw materials. Just copy the shape, set up the mining lines and enjoy those upgrades.

The Rocket Factory

This is a factory design I made to easily make lots of the Rocket shape for upgrades. It is optimized to be compact, repeatable, and only use raw materials as inputs. It could perhaps be made a couple tiles smaller but I spent a lot of time on this already and space is plentiful in this game.


  1. Copy the “Repeatable Tile” design in-game. This should be done somewhere on the map that has nearby circle, star, red, green, and blue resources.
  2. Copy and paste it vertically until you have 8 copies.
  3. Connect the 10 raw material lines exactly as shown. These should each be separate mining lines.

1 Red, 2 Circle, 3 Red, 4 Circle, 5 Circle, 6 Star, 7 Colour A, 8 Blue, 9 Colour B, 10 Colour C

Note: Lane 7,9, and 10 are used to make white paint and can be input in any order as long as there is 1 green, 1 blue, and 1 red.

  1. Connect the output to your Hub.
  2. Repeat 1-4 if desired, for additional lines to your Hub.

I only tested this with all upgrades balanced and at least 8x. It should still work with slower or mismatched upgrade levels, but it won’t be optimal for input:output balancing and conveyor belt saturation.

The Operational Factory, and Material Line Connection

Repeatable Tile

Created by Tayeu

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