Shapez – Simple Two Layer Tunnel Transporter

Simple construction for transporting two inputs in a one width space.


Note: Credit goes to Imaginate

This guide documents a device that, using the two tiers of tunnels, is capable of transporting two inputs in the space that would be occupied by only one conveyor belt.

I am probably not the original creator of this contraption, if anyone knows a person that has documented this before me, please let me know and I will either give them credit or remove this guide.


The design consists of a section(see image 1) that can be copy pasted as many times as you wish(see image 2) to make the transporter as long as you wish.

Input and Output

For providing input and taking output from the transporter the first and last section of the device shall be modified like in the image bellow. (Highlighted).


Since the device cannot really steer, we have to take out input from it and put it back into the same device but rotated (see image bellow).


This device is most efficient in straight lines, it can steer too but it takes up quite a bit of space.

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