Shelter 2 – Quick and Simple Hunting

I will quickly teach you the basics of hunting. Four of the animals’ behavior and the easiest way to catch them.

Simple Hunting Guide


Rabbits zigzag every couple seconds, so you’ll want to go where they’re going to swerve next. (If they swerve to the left, you’ll need to go on the rabbit’s right. It’ll swerve into your mouth).

If there is a group of rabbits and you want to feed all of your cubs at the same time: Catch one rabbit and go after another. Don’t let go of the one rabbit until the one you’re chasing is within reach. Then let go, catch, and let go. (I hope that made sense).


Voles are slow, making them an easy target. The only thing you have to worry about is catching them before they get back to their hole. I recommend being next to the nearest hole. That way the vole will either run into your jaws or have to find a different hole.


Pheasants are somewhat difficult to hunt down. They’re quick and will spot you pretty fast. When you’re catching one of these you’ll want to scare it in the direction of a wall. Even better if you scare it into a corner. If you scare it into a wall, the pheasant will make a sharp turn. You will need to try to predict if it will turn left or right, but if your prediction is correct, you’ll be able to catch the pheasant. If you trap it in a corner, the pheasant will either get stuck in the corner or turn around and run into its death. If neither of these tactics work, you can always pounce on it when it tries to fly.


The deer is only a little slower than mother lynx. I recommend getting your stamina to at least a quarter past half so that your stamina doesn’t run out during the chase. Deer don’t have any tricks up their sleeve. They run in a straight line (unless they run into a wall). Start spamming space bar when you get close.

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