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Are you struggling to get past the eagle? Or don’t know how to hunt the fox? Or maybe you just want to know how to get past all of the levels. Well here is a Shelter guide that should cover the basics of living as a mother badger.

Level 1

So, when you begin you will find yourself in your borrow/den, with your four cubs. But what is that grey thing in your den? No, it’s not a rock. It’s your fifth baby starving to death! Walk just a bit to find a beat, left click to pick up the beat, then drop it next to your dying baby, your baby eats it a goes back to full health.

Follow the tunnel until you find yourself out of the den. You’ve just completed the intro! And you find yourself in a clearing with a few beats, simply left click to pull the beat out of the ground, (carrots and radishes are types of food you can pull out of the ground too) then give it to one of your babies. (Remember; the most grey baby is the most hungry) and then you come across an apple tree, instead of taking a heavy sigh and move on. Run at the tree using shift.

Then apples fall. And if you are quick enough, you can pick the apple up before your greedy cubs get it and chose who gets the apple. Continue this until find yourself near a river. You will hear a frog, and once you see it, press left control to crouch, then wait for the frog to hop close enough, and then left click to attack and kill.

Then give it to your babies. (Pro tip; instead of going through the log, there is a secret cave that is behind the waterfall, and leads around the river, plus there is a beat waiting for you) once you’re past that. Continue looking for food. And then you’ll hear a squeak or something, it’s a vole, hide in the tall grass by crouching again, then wait for it to come by, then left click to attack and kill.

Then give it to your babies. Continue on. And then an exciting music plays, then you see a fox! Follow the fox and when it stops, crouch to not be seen, when you get close enough left click to attack and kill, this feeds all cubs. You’ll find some food in the area too, including a vole.

And then you follow a narrow path. Leading to an open area with no food except for a vole. Then you hear a screech!!!! As you see an eagle swoop down and grab the vole.

The Eagle

Then an intense music plays. Crouch and hide in the tall grass. You can see the eagle’s shadow, wait roughly 2 sec after the eagle passes you, then run into the next patch of tall grass. When you hear the eagle screech again, crouch! Because when the eagle screeches again while you are running to the next patch of tall grass, it’s a sign that the eagle spotted you.

Continue running from one patch of tall grass to the next. There is even a log you can go inside to catch a break. If the eagle gets one of your babies it won’t come back for now. Once you’ve got to the log that you can cross to the next level, something goes wrong and the log can’t support you and your cubs. Log cracks and falls.

Level 2

You find yourself in the dead of night with your cubs, and this level was the easiest for me, but in this level you must make sure all of your cubs are in this circle of light around you, constantly call to your cubs as though a maze with steams, you might hear some crackling branches before your cubs run away, when they do this don’t let them get out of your sight, otherwise some creature of the night will get them. Food is not a priority, but if you do find food, quickly give it your most grey cub. This level may feel long but it will end.

Level 3

It’s raining red! But the rain isn’t a problem, this level has plenty food and even two foxes you can hunt! The biggest threat on this level is the rushing river. When your forced to cross the river wait for the double waves to pass, then run to the other side and wait and see if all of your cubs had made it safely.

Eventually you’ll have to go up river, wait for the waves again, if notice that a wave is coming while your still climbing up river, go behind the large rocks, the rocks should keep you and your babies safe while you wait for the waves to pass.

Level 4

There’s a forest fire. But don’t worry about the fire, once your at a certain point into the fire, the eagle comes back for some more. Pro tip; don’t wait in the tall grass too long, otherwise it’ll burn, and don’t hide in the tall grass on the left because burning branches fall on that side meaning that side burns quicker than the right.

The fire doesn’t hurt you or your babies, but the fire can trap your babies and kill them.

Final Level

You find yourself in what seems to be paradise. There is plenty of food, and your babies are almost as big as you! After having your babies eat more food then ever, then you come to an familiar place; an open area with lots of patches of tall grass, and the eagle is back. This is a lot trickier though. The patches of tall grass are further away, eventually you come to an open area with no patches of tall grass!

The eagle hits you and you start limping the eagle hits you again, before flying away with you, and you can see your babies sadly walking away. As the credits roll. When the credits stops it shows you the eagle flying to her nest of hungry chicks. And it goes to show you the circle of life.

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