Shenmue I – Space Harrier Arcade Guide

Space Harrier Guide

Scoring Tips

  • Everything you can destroy increase your score.
  • Obsctales score the less amount of points.
  • Ennemies score great amount of points.
  • Also your score increase every second by the same amount.
  • Bonus stage is granted at the end of a stage at some point of the game.
  • Bonus stage is by far the most generous stage of the whole game in score.

Game Tips

  • The game consist of 18 stages each of them having their obstacles, ennemies and bosses.
  • The ennemies encounters are always the same as well as the obstacles parts.
  • If you stick to the left or the right of the screenyou will be with other obstacles parts.
  • You start the game with 2 lives and gains 1 more every time you reach 5M points.
  • Each boss has its own weakness and most of the time change of color when damaged.
  • At stage 1 you encounter bushes that disable you to anything for a few seconds.
  • At stage 2 and later you will encounter inbreakable obsctales.
  • Standing still or moving a little while spamming shoot will let you hear if there is one incoming.
  • You will need to think about your gaming approach : playing safe or not
  • Playing safe will help you to get easily on the later stages reducing drastically your score.
  • Playing unsafe will not help you to beat the game easily but will get you tons of points.
  • During a boss fight you will most likely need to move in a clockwise order.
  • When you die you are invincible for a short period of time.

Playing Safe

  • Always to stay at either the middle of the screen or the top of it unless specified.
  • Therefore try to not move a lot so you can easily see what is incoming.
  • Also try to not spam the shooting button so you will see what is incoming.

Playing Safe Stage Related Tips

  • Stage 1 – Stick to the middle or top of the screen.
  • Stage 1 – Focus on shooting the ennemies and avoiding their shot.
  • Stage 1 – Spam the shooting until you destroy an incoming tree.
  • Stage 1 Boss – If you destroy the boss while he was shooting, these are delayed and shown later.
  • Stage 2 – Same as Stage 1 tips.
  • Stage 2 – When you encounter heads on the ground, stick to the top to see if a tree is incoming.
  • Stage 2 – When you encounter flying heads, destroy them fast and/or move clockwise.
  • Stage 2 – If you ever need to shoot during a pillar sequence, do not move a lot so you hear it.
  • Stage 2 – During a pillar section, if they are too many, try to stick left or right for a easier segment.
  • Stage 2 Boss – If you happens to destroy the boss before all the heads, try to avoid them.
  • Stage 3 – Stick most of the time on the top of the screen, if you do that you see easily far away.
  • Stage 3 – Focus on shooting the ennemies and avoiding their shot while trying to stay top.
  • Stage 3 – During the flying anemone try to stick on a safe area. (to be defined)
  • Stage 3 – If you ever need to shoot during a tree sequence, do not move a lot so you hear it.
  • Stage 3 Boss – The boss always shoot 3 waves, the last might be smaller at some point.
  • Stage 4 – If possible try to destroy the ennemies when they first appears.
  • Stage 4 – Otherwise focus on avoiding the ennemies shots and obstacles.
  • Stage 4 – At some point unbreakable spheres will appears either top or bottom.
  • Stage 4 – They always appears in two waves of the opposite kind. Top Bottom or Bottom Top.
  • Stage 4 – When they appears stay at the opposite. Stay top if they appears on the bottom.
  • Bonus Stage – Just try to keep your visibilty by moving the dragon to the far left or right if possible.
  • Bonus Stage – Destroy as much as trees as possible !!!
  • Bonus Stage – Why ?!¬†Because ennemies annihilation rhymes with deforestation.
  • Stage 6 – Stick to the middle or top of the screen. Also you hear the ennemies incoming.
  • Stage 6 – If possible focus on shooting the ennemies first and then in avoiding their shot.
  • Stage 6 – If possible during the land robots wave, try to move clockwise shooting them.
  • Stage 6 – If you do that try to not move too close to the ground so you can’t reach these obstacles.
  • Stage 7 – Same as Stage 6.
  • Stage 8 – Same as Stage 7 but this time try to not be in the ennemies way if they are alive.
  • Stage 8 – The last part contains robot spamming shots, always move clockwise ish.
  • Stage 8 Boss – When the boss is farther, be warry the shot may be tricky to avoid.
  • Stage 9 – Same as Stage 4.
  • Stage 10 – Same obstacles and flying anemone as Stage 3 but with robots of Stage 8.

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