Ships At Sea – Useful Tips and Tricks

Gameplay Tips

Making Money

The first way to make good money for your time is to fill up your first cargo boat (Roster) with 3 jobs. Deliver from Rost to Karoya, then Lyngvaer, then Kveldsbeita, and finally back to Rost.

These are quick and give you a good return on your time. You can also add a trash pick up job at the end for a total of NOK 95,000 per round trip. You can’t do this run with the rowboat since it only holds 1 XS cargo at a time. Upgrading the Roster is up to you, but the default setup works fine for this run.

Moving Small Cargo Quickly

When loading your Roster with three or more jobs of cargo, try double-tapping E and X to pick up and place the cargo items on the boat. This skips the animation and lets you work faster.

These Waves Are Nuts!

The wave sizes inside harbors are crazy and need to be fixed. No one wants to dock with 8ft waves. Try using the clock on your boat’s dashboard to skip ahead 1-3 hours at a time to see if the weather gets better. Make sure you won’t run out of time on any missions or fish timers when you do this.

Banking – Getting the Biggest Loan

Once you have about NOK 160,000, you can get the NOK 300,000 loan. This is enough to help you buy the ‘Fixer’, a tier 1 Service boat that costs NOK 349,000.

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  1. Know how to deliver a medium-sized cargo? Arriving at the destination, I managed to get it onto the crane and off my ship, but that isn’t an option because the crane can’t reach the pallet. Though it wouldn’t cause either item to be delivered for the job, I’m assuming that’s the correct location because that’s the only place the larger cargo disconnects from the crane.

  2. Fish farms: Although they are initially pricey, they provide a consistent and dependable source of extra money. Comparing the cost of replacement parts to farm output, they are inexpensive. To transport fish, you need the Røster with the smolt rig attached. The price of 10,000 fish is 10,000kr. Recall that you must have a tier 2 transport boat capable of handling medium cargo before purchasing medium or large fish feed.
    If you can find something that fits the trip to your fish farm, the Fixer can hold 10 bags of “small” fish food each trip in addition to 2XS cargo. For example, if you purchase the fish farms near Vaerøy, you can take an XS Cargo trip to Måstad, which will give you an additional 10 minutes of diversion worth approximately 30.000kr.

    Save your game at the fish farms, whether your boat is docked or not. No matter where the fish farm is, your character WILL spawn at Røst. The only way to retrieve your boat is to alternate between different boats in the shipyard. If your farm is located in Vaerøy, returning there will now take 50 minutes…

  3. Could you please tell me the location of the Type 30 Cows and Viper chain gun blueprint?

  4. Simply switch boats in the shipyard if you ever spawn without your boat or if it is not docked and floats away (as some have reported when loading in).

    It appears that some players have not gone through the game’s help or tutorial sections. You HAVE to keep the throttle at or below 80% in all boats (apparently not including the Røster). For instance, on the Fixer, fuel consumption at 80% throttle is equivalent to 4.5 l/h, but at 100% throttle, it is 19.8 l/h. This is a significant difference.

  5. When longlining, set up several lines, wait 17 hours, and retrieve them. To accomplish this, make sure you have a hook and a GPS buoy. Hit the reel along the buoy’s edge, use the hook to catch fish as they approach the mouth (hitbox is strange; this will need practice). ATM For the ships (5/25/23), there is no weight limit or fish, so fill up your flippy and start earning money.

  6. You may just call for assistance for a very fast run, and after three cargo runs, get towed for about 2000 NOK. This may be more expensive, but it is the fastest and safest method to do so, since even a small scrape with a port can entirely destroy your boat.

  7. The trash pick-up task could be added at the end of the “3 cargo run” in the alternative method, making the total cost of each round trip NOK 95,000.

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