SKALD: Against the Black Priory – Achievements Guide

How to Get All Achievements

Story Achievements (Unmissable)

Shores of Idra

Get this achievement after finishing the prologue and arriving at Idra’s shores at the start of chapter 1.

The Liberator of Horryn

Get this achievement after killing the three Reaver leaders and freeing Horryn at the end of chapter 2. (Also read below for the Puppeteer achievement).


Get this achievement after entering the temple through secret tunnels and killing “The Father” at the end of chapter 3.


Get this achievement after getting a boat, sailing north of Idra, and reaching Gradla during chapter 4.

The Queen is Dead

Get this achievement after killing The Queen in the mines of Adler’s Helm at the end of chapter 4.

The Priory Opens

Get this achievement after entering the place with the same name as the game at the start of chapter 5.

The Eternity Gate

Get this achievement after finding the buried secret in the Black Priory at the end of chapter 5.

All is Darkness

Easy to understand. Congrats on finishing the game! Hope you liked the ending.

Optional Achievements


Available chapter 1

Northeast of the shores where you washed up is the Zephyr’s wreck site. You can’t enter the ship at first.
Find the surviving sailors at a camp by the coast. The survivor group’s leader will ask you to look for more survivors. After finding all survivors, the leader will send some to get things from the Zephyr and ask you to check on them. You can now enter the ship using wooden planks/ladders. Go inside, find what’s there, and get the achievement.

A Deeper Dark

Available chapter 1

Find the lighthouse keeper at the top of the lighthouse. He will ask you to find “the black blade” for his keeper mate. Explore the caves under the lighthouse until you find an opening to underwater tunnels. Go in, find your way through the tunnels, get “the black blade” on the other side, and bring it back to the lighthouse keeper for this achievement.

A Light in the Darkness

Available chapter 1

After reaching the refugee camp, the chamberlain will ask you to help the refugees with food and medicine. Find the cook and cleric for quests. Finish both quests for this achievement. (This also makes Iben the Ranger available as a companion)


Available chapter 2

In Horryn, you’ll face the three Reaver leaders: Oleg, Kala, and The Butcher. They are fighting each other for power. Find the “sacred artifact” under Horryn and give it to The Butcher. He will ask you to get Kala’s help. Instead, tell Oleg about The Butcher’s betrayal and ask Kala to help Oleg. They will kill each other, and you’ll get this achievement without doing anything.


Available chapter 4

After killing The Father, Horryn will be peaceful, and the inn next to the north gate will open. There, a monk will tell you about five shrines in the Outer Isles and the right prayer to use at these shrines. Just follow the quest and visit all five shrines for the achievement.

Such Wonders

Available chapter 4

Get this achievement after reaching Firgol – slightly north of Idra but south of Gradla – and completing its story. It’s a well-written cosmic horror story with a famous cosmic horror character, so I’ll let you experience it yourself.

Tower of Ash

Available chapter 4

Before leaving Horryn, a great magi’s “assistant” will ask for your help. Follow the quest, go to the Tower of Ash, finish the quest there, and get this achievement.

I hope this was helpful to you!

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