Skater Frog – Beachballs 101

A guide to beachballs in skater frog.

Beach Ball Origins

Beach balls are a tricky foe, especially in the hit release “Skater Frog” (2020). In reality, beach balls have very humble origins. Many are produced in factories invariably located in china and are often shipped to their adoption grounds in bulk. This long transport and packed housing causes an extreme sense of comradery within the beach ball ranks, thus rendering any attack on a flock useless.

Many beach balls are taken by humans to, as the name would suggest, the beach. Whilst this seems to many to be a good idea, they often band together into large flocks and once again, become nearly invulnerable. This menace is accurately depicted in “Skater Frog”, where you are often found narrowly dodging these balls.


As seen in “Skater Frog”, beach balls use a simple but effective strategy.

This mainly consists of attempting to swamp the protagonist of the game with their immense numbers. As mentioned in chapter 1, this will make the beach balls nearly impossible to defeat, forcing the Skating Frog to merely dodge the many balls – this is even despite the frog’s immense physical strength. Beach balls have yet to be observed using more “Vertical Tactics”, such as jumping or throwing/bouncing each other in the air. This often falls to the detriment of the species.

Beach balls will often attempt to knock opposing skaters off their mounts. Once immobilised, a flock of balls will close to striking distance of the target. In this position, the skater is at the mercy of the balls. In this situation, balls will draw any weapons they have available; In many cases this will involve the use of the plastic valves used to birth the beach balls, but some may have access to clubs or bats (similar to the ball pictured in the thumbnail of this guide). Should this happen to any skater, their fate is sealed.


Beach balls consist of a smooth, innocent looking exterior. They appear smooth and often shiny or acrylic. This feature can be a threat to the protagonist of the game due to the intense sun-flair that will be produced by the sun. Whilst the ball in its structure is not directly dangerous, its presence is strong enough to knock even the most skilled skater off their mount.

Beach balls do not have any appendages that are useful for manipulating the world surrounding them. On most occasions, any weapons or tools will be inserted into the skin of a ball, allowing them to carry weapons such as spiked baseball bats or machine pistols. This configuration is usually only observed in the strongest of this species, because many weaker individuals will likely explode when the insertion is taking place.


Beach balls do not have many strengths, but they should not be underestimated:

  • Size: size is the major advantage, allowing the easy immobilisation of skaters.
  • Mass: Beach balls have just enough mass to disable a skater, yet just little enough to be launched into the air by a strong gust of wind.
  • Colour: The bright colouration may confuse or dazzle a skater, making them easy prey.


There are many weaknesses to any beach ball:

  • Lack of motor control: Balls are limited to rolling slowly across the floor, although some have access to light weapons and can be launched into the air by wind. This weakness can be exploited by jumping over the ball.
  • 0 mental capacity: Balls are filled entirely with air, and as such move on instinct alone. This means they cannot react to an incoming threat and so can be easily evaded.
  • Rely on numbers: Should a beach ball be isolated from the herd, it can be easily disabled.
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