Skul: The Hero Slayer – Achievements Types

Here are the three achievements types for those of you that are wondering what they are.

The Simple Achievements

There are your standard beat the bosses and beat the game achievements. No more than that.

The Replays Achievements

These achievements make up the bulk of them and are what most of y’all will get at least 1 or 2 each run and 1 that will take a long time if you don’t beat each and every run.

They are just upgrade a skull to max level. Simple on paper; hard in RNGvil.

Each skull has 3, 2, and 1 upgrade to be max rank.

Your starting/common skulls need 10, 30, and 100 skulls for max rank. If you’re lucky you will leave chapter 1 with a rank 3 skull.

Rare needs 30 and 100. If you’re lucky you will either fight the twins with a rank 3 or enter chapter 3 upgrading into max rank.

Unique skulls need only 100 to rank up. Getting them ranked up to max before chapter 3 or 4 is a blessing on you.

Legendary skulls can’t be upgraded and give you the achievement for getting lucky enough to get them.

Now the skulls pay out in 5, 11, 23, and 44 bones each. If you get a Unique or Legendary you come with the hard choice of keeping it and selling one of your current ones or selling it to get closer to upgrading one of your skulls.

Unless your build is good or you are a great player always sell the Legendary skulls if they aren’t Reaper. Reaper gives I’frames on switching skulls, has a map clearer, and spawns projectiles upon enemy deaths don’t need to explain why its the best of the legendary skulls.

The last long one is just fix the tower. Just fix it.

For Pro and Lucky Players

The last set of achievements are the easiest/hardest set.

Beat the bosses without getting it. No other words needed. No hit run!

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