Slime Rancher – How to Find Glided Ginger (Easily)

How to Find Glided Ginger

Easy and fast guide, first of all, glided ginger will only appear in glass desert.

Second, glided ginger will appear after 6:00 am and disappear at 12:00, 2 glided gingers can appear at a single day.

The easiest strategy to get glided gingers is to follow a route you liked, teleports are so useful in this glided ginger route, for example, I have teleports in the glass desert bridge, another at journey’s end palace, another one at dervish fountain, one at the entrance of glass desert and the last one at the mosaic gordo.

I will leave a map for you to guide.

And last tip, whenever you are close to a glided ginger, you will hear a tingling, in difference to the mosaic slimes, the tingling will be higher whenever you are getting closer, first time finding a glided ginger can be hard but the tingling is the one which will help you.

Hope it works for you.

Have a nice day and good luck.

Created by InsaneTheRatPro

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