Smalland: Survive the Wilds – Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

In this guide you will learn some useful things.

Wear and tear of equipment

I’ve been reading for a few days that the resources for repairing equipment are too expensive and the durability is a joke. You can prevent this if you put a crafting table in your 2×2 dwelling at the beginning of the game, where you already have a campfire and a bed. Now it is only important to make sure that your weapons, equipment and tools are not used up until they fall below 50%. If you repair them early, it is only maintenance and costs you nothing.

The fast way home

You have a shelter and a bed, full pockets, it’s getting dark and the way is long? Then just log out and log back in. Whether this is intentional and might be changed with future patches I don’t know. But for now, using it like a port will get you to your spawn point.

Defend or evade?

With the E key you can block attacks with your weapon, as in other games, minus your block and armour, residual damage will come through. With a skilful roll away from or towards your opponent, you will avoid the damage completely and then have the best chance to run or counterattack.

Taming Insects

To tame animals you have to reduce their life (below 50%), then feed them with the respective treat for the insect. Woala

Ladybird – Nectar

The ladybird cannot hop, fly or fight. It is a little popple that dashes away at the slightest danger. But the ladybird is the only insect that rewards you with more carrying places. You can craft saddlebags at the worktable that give you 20 slots of storage space.

Grasshopper – Grasshopper Delicacy

He jumps far, consuming a lot of stamina. But yes, he jumps far. And who would have thought his superpower is – he jumps far. I prefer to use one of the armours with wings and glide. The grasshopper is relatively useless in my opinion, like all insects.

Gekko – (Boss Rhinoceros Beetle for recipe Gekko Licking)

Superpower of the Gekko, it looks super cuddly and can climb. Not really useful in combat like all other insects.

Wolf Spider – (Boss Albino Spider for recipe Wolf Spider Delicacy)

The really sick super mutant? No, not really – their superpower is more likely to trigger a surge of arachnophobia in your fellow players if they don’t have much over for spiders. Not useful in combat and the best thing about her – she can’t climb.

Dragonfly (Boss Stag Beetle King for recipe Dragonfly Delicacy)

Touted as the sacred mother cow and a flying insect, you are quickly disappointed. It glides across the ground and can overcome small obstacles using the held jump button while consuming stamina every millisecond.

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