Smalland: Survive the Wilds – Ultimate Beginners Guide

Ultimate beginner guide some of the mechanics, efficient farming, place for first base…

Definitive Guide for New Players

Stinger lance

This weapon does decent amount of damage similar to flint spear but additionally it has poison damage. And you can just pick it of the ground no need to craft it. It’s located north-west of Nok in sewer.

First base location

I spent most of the time at the coast of Skadi. Beaches filled with barks, fiber, flint, stone and npc’s like gecko, bees and beetles, dropping valuable resources that will allow you to craft better armor. Dropping base next to Skadi is recommended so you can constantly travel between beach and forest.

Before boss fight

Build foundations around it and on it’s path. If you’re lucky boss will start attacking it instead of you.

NPC radius

Every npc have radius. If you’re 1v1 against a bug you can exploit it with hit and run tactic.

Mobile storage

Tame a ladybug if you want walking backpack.

No more freezing

Build foundation hide under it. Goodbye storm and winter.

Create shortcuts

Build ramps bridges to create shortcuts where you constantly travel. You can build anything anywhere!

Keep repairing

You can repair items without wasting any resources if they’re slightly damaged.

Right way to loot

Stop spamming F just hold it while looting.

Get winged torso armor

When you get it game will transform in to enjoyable state. It’s a life saver.

Drop markers on map

Mark every crowded resource area and rare npc location on map.

Quick hunger boost

Wanna get rid of hunger quickly? Drop a bed set it as spawn point and respawn.

How to tame

Find treats in your codex. They have cake icon. Craft it. Drop HP of npc to half tame option will appear press F.

Teleporting tree base

If you climb on top of tree covered in mushroom. You can build base there and claim the tree. Now you can teleport your tree base between trees.

Coop with players

Even if there is 2 players only it can make huge difference. Multi tasking coordinated attack speeds up the progress and reduces risks.

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