Sniper Elite 4 – Master All Weapons

Do you want all your weapons to glitter with gold? Please check out this guide, I will do my best to help you achieve this goal!

How to Master All Weapons

Basically, you need to farm. A lot. I found three specific areas that work well for this.

I chose the beginning area of the stages San Celini Island, Bitanti Village, and Regilino Viaduct.

I have come to find that quick-save and quick-load are very useful for achieving these goals.

San Celini Island

Make your way to the first tower and make a save point manually. Trigger the truck with 4 soldiers to roll up into their awaiting doom. You can use the binoculars to tag the enemies, and you can run around like an idiot to get your heart rate up if that is a specific need for the achievement you are working on. Quick-Save! Now Unleash All Hell On These Fools! Once they are dead and gone, just keep quick-loading. You have to let the points tick down on the right hand side of the screen to make sure the points actually tally up before you do your quick-load. If you use your weapon wheel and hover over the weapon of choice, you will see the numbers slowly increasing for your masteries. Grind and grind and grind until all the Nazi Scumbags are drowning in the River Styx.

For environmental kills, you can spot the crane hoist in the distance from the first tower area and you can find the clumsy moron soldier walking back and forth underneath it. Quick-Save! Then Slaughter! Then Quick-Load! Rinse, wash, repeat.

For environmental explosive kills, its either the truck gas tank you want to target, or the red gas tanks next to the truck you want to target. Give them both a shot and see what happens.

Bitanti Village

Make your way to the first Nazi fool you are going to waste. I like to make a manual save just because, but then you can also QUICK-SAVE! This idiot has grenades in belt. Abuse this to make your arsenal far more powerful than previously imagined. This location is also good for “shot trap kills”. You can sneak up upon this guy and place landmines underneath him in the sand, remember to keep them a bit far away from the rock wall so the explosion will get him. TNT does not count for these kills, only the landmines. I prefer the teller mines because of their large shape. The hard surface this guy stands on is great for the ricochet kills. You can get him and his partner this way. This dumb-ass stands so still he is also useful for any of the head-shots, intestine shots, testicle shots, kidney shots, liver shots, etc. If you need help finding the organs, i suggest the shooting range. The targets have the outlines of the target areas and that will help you get better at terminating fascists with extreme prejudice. The MAS boat can come in handy for one of the achievements as well, but at the moment i am forgetting which one it was! Eh, whatever, kill em all!

Regilino Viaduct

Excellent way to get in those 3k, 5k, and 10k Meter Shot Distance awards. Binocular tag kills are excellent here as well. Don’t forget to make yourself a save point from this lovely 550+ meter vantage point and pop them skulls!

For ricochet kills, make sure you are bouncing bullets off the ground just a short distance away from the enemy and it is bouncing off of a hard surface. Dirt and Grass will not work for your ricochets.

For the Lee-Enfield adjusted scope requirements, just use Q and E (default key binding) and adjust for distance. If you use the aim assist diamond reticule, it will still aim true no matter how far up or down on the scope it appears.

Obviously if you need Prone or Couched kills, just take the desired stance and pump round after round into these body bag buddies!

If and when you can combine multiple masteries together, say, heart rate over 100 and head-shots, this is where running around like an idiot and quick-saving with the heart rate of amphetamines comes in handy. Each kill you get will count towards each achievement.

I was able to perform all of this on the Cadet Difficulty, but i did the Lee-Enfield achievements on Sniper Elite Difficulty. It may very well be doable on Cadet, i just never tried.

You do not have to complete the missions in order for your progress to save either. You can just grind away on your selected weapon achievements. If you die or quit, it does not matter.

The key to your success really is just finding a place that you can enjoy farming the desired achievements, make your save-points, and just quick-load once the scene is so bloody that bleach is no longer an option. Remember that the points have to register on the right hand side of the screen and you can see from the weapon wheel if the tally is keeping up before you do any quick-load. Mark your targets with the binoculars first and raise your heart-rate or reduce it to flat-line before making your save-points so that your quick loads get you into the action as fast as possible. Oh yeah, don’t forget to brew some coffee, you are in for a long day my friends!

If i have omitted anything or screwed up an explanation please leave a comment so i can update this thread so we can rid the world of these Nazi bastards together!

Happy Hunting!

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