Sniper Elite 5 – Guide to Deal with Invaders (Any Difficulty)

Dealing with Invaders


I finished the game on authentic difficulty with invasion mode on. Although this game at the current stage is heavily invader favored, I still manage to kill 2-5 invaders on every mission. Below are few tips for you guys how to make our life easier! Feel free to comment other tips and tricks your have in mind.


The most important tip: Lay mines + TNT on the map

  • One of the very few advantage you have vs the invader is your unlimited utility and the fact that you can loot. Make sure that you use them. Even before you get invaded, make sure that you always lay a mine with TNT next to it on the choke points. In that way, you can focus on combat and don’t need to always keep your six in mind. Even after combat, the invaders are usually not expecting it. Mines with TNT is confirmed insta kill vs invaders.
  • Keep in mind that you can lay mines instantly with skill unlocked. Use it to your advantage if you are chased by the invader and has low health. Quick lay mines while runaway.
  • Keep some mines randomly layed on the map so you can sound track your surroundings even a single mine won’t kill the invader.

Use focus on close quarter combats (not usable on authentic difficulty)

  • It’s pretty obvious. This temporary wall h*ck gives you huge amount of informations.

Pay attention to your surroudings once the invader entered the game

  • Sometimes the invader can spawn almost right next to you. Pay close attention and don’t get ambushed by them.
  • Don’t use the invader phone close by right away if they spawn. Make sure that you are safe before locate.
  • Again, use focus if needed.

Use 3rd person camera and binocular for reconnaissance, don’t use your scope right away

  • If you have an idea where the invader is, stay in cover and use the 3rd person camera to locate them. If they are far away, use the binocular. The scope can give away your position like the in-game sniper does.
  • Only use it if you are certain that you can land a shot or if you are very very far away and can take some riskfree pop-shots.

Rotate, (almost always) don’t camp

  • The game will give you a penalty for camping by marking your position for the invaders. Therefore, don’t camp.
  • Arch rotate instead if you encountered them. It’s still favored for the invader since the entire map is on their site, but you will most likely get away if you rotate after a encounter.
  • Camp only if you know that they are heading at your way. Otherwise, it doesn’t worth it.

Close quarter combat: SMG is your girlfriend, Meele is your favorite wh*re

  • Meele kills is insta kill in Sniper Elite. if you are in a super close quarter combat and they are running out of bullets, or if you just hugged the invader by accident, rush to them, immediately spam E and it should an insta kill with a fancy animation!
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