SNOT – Mastering the Wonderbluss

Tips and tricks straight from the developer!


Note: Credit goes to Nitronik

This is a brief guide detailing the functionality of your Booger’s favourite (and only) weapon – the Wonderbluss!

Use the quirks described below to your advantage in order to maximize time survived

Basic Functionality

  • Bullets fired from the Wonderbluss will not be stopped by enemies, allowing the player to carve through hordes
  • Bullets fired from the Wonderbluss are NOT hitscan – you will need to compensate for travel time when attempting to hit enemies sitting on the opposite edge of the level
  • You can press RELOAD or press FIRE again to perform an Active Reload – if you do this at the right time, you’ll gain a movement speed boost, as well as instantly reloading your weapon

Further Notes

  • The muzzle flash will incinerate any enemies caught in its radius – remember to be confident and aggressive!
  • The active reload window is slightly randomized – look at the crosshair and the reload progress bar (to the right of your character) to gauge the timing of the next active reload. Maintaining a consistent rhytm is key, but don’t get greedy!
  • Failing an active reload incurs no additional penalties, so keep cool and dodge enemies while the reload progresses!
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