Snowdrop Escape – The Easter Egg

The Easter Egg Guide

After sitting a while in the start menu of this mod, i found something strange.

After the end of music (If you’re interested how it called, “Белые cугробы” performed by “Эдуард Хиль”) there is some sort of signal.

And the monitor says that we are “Receiving active record”.


This easter egg was very interesting, so i started digging in.

I found the name of the file in the folder of the mod (“Steam\steamapps\common\Snowdrop Escape\snowdrop_escape\sound”), it’s called “translation.wav”.

At first, i didn’t know what kind of signal this is, but after surfing the internet i found out what this is. It’s an SSTV, it’s a transmission picture method, by a sound.

I checked the guide to decoding it, and i will describe my steps.

  • Download “Audacity”, and change the project frequency to “11025 HZ”.
  • Save the file, and changed the file format to .mmv.
  • Download the program called “MMSSTV”.
  • Start up the “MMSSTV”, click on “File”>”Play sound from the file”, and select our file.

After decoding, this picture showed up.

Created by Koumar

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