So Below – Basic Guide

How to defeat each entity and what items are needed to repel them.

Guide to Basics

Note: Credit goes to DaMegaTaco

Introduction & Basics

Ready for So Below? No!? Well this guide will help you figure out what exactly you are doing in this game and what items you need.

The game seems like a complicated game at first, but it actually is pretty straightforward as far as the objective each game. All it requires is understanding the steps to defeating each entity, which pretty much consists of collecting entity items needed to banish the entity that are either somewhere on the map or within an entity room that can randomly spawn on the map that is obvious to ind as it will be behind a door that usually is not on the map, then initiating either a ritual to banish the entity or a battle with the entity, and defeating the entity.

The list of the player items and their functions I will list below:

  • Lamp/Powerful Lamp – Pretty obvious… They provide light. Make sure you pick up whichever flashlight you want as the flashlight you have out while using other items as it will always default to it.
  • Glow sticks – Can be used as a light source as well as it can be used to mark something important by dropping it near the important thing
  • Tripod – Can be used to set up a camera or the flashing light with spectral sensor anywhere in the room rather than placing it on the floor or on a surface.
  • Defibrillator – Can be used to revive dead team mates.
  • UV flashlights – Can reveal hidden symbols on the walls as well as the ritual items on the map will light up
  • Parabolic Microphone – Can be used to locate the entity items on the map as well as the entity by pointing it in any direction and listening for whispering sounds. The mouse scroll wheel can be used to increase and decrease the range that the microphone will pick up noise/
  • EMF reader – Can be used to locate the entity items or entity by following the directions the EMF triggers depending on if the left or right side lights up where both sides will light up if it is directly ahead of a players position.
  • Geiger Counter – Can be used to locate entity items by listening to the clicking noises that is made while looking around with it equipped where the more it clicks the closer a player is to an entity item.
  • Photo Camera – Can be used to damage entities sensitive to light with the camera flash.
  • Night Vision Camera – Can be used to see a specific enemy that can only be seen on camera or to help travel around in the dark although a lamp is a better choice.
  • Thermal Camera – Can be used to see the specific enemy that can only be seen on camera as well as it can help locate various entity items or player items that may be on the map as they will all register as being hot.
  • Crucifix – A protection item that can be used against most entities. When equipped hold it up while facing towards the entity to repel the entity. After the crucifix starts cracking down the middle it will be useless and catch fire the next time it is used where it won’t repel the enemy. This usually happens after using it to repel the entity twice.
  • Papyrus – A protection item of some kind…. Not sure what it does, but it seems like when it is placed on a wall it will react to the entity and prevent it from going past the item or trap it on the spot if it goes near the item. I am not sure what is true, but will update the guide if the function of the item is discovered.
  • Flashing Light with Spectral Sensor – A protection item that will automatically cause a flash of light that will repel some entities. It will work no matter what whether it is held by a player or not as long as it senses an entity nearby.
  • Oil Lantern – A protection item and light item. As long as the lantern is on it creates a perimeter of safety wherever the light shines.

Throughout the map you will find symbols painted on the wall that will be recorded in your journal while playing. These will do nothing to assist in defeating all, but one of the entities where that entity requires knowing which symbols are on the map while banishing it. Although the symbols you do record in game get saved within a collection in the lobby area so it is worthwhile to find the ones on the map if you like collecting stuff in games like that.

There are 5 entities total in the game as far as I know and I have made a separate section for each one. I will probably work on getting screenshots and updating this guide later (if I can… first time making a guide). Although this guide should give you a good idea on what you need to do to defeat each entity and the best way to go about it.


The witch is the hardest of all of the entities to kill and has the most tedious process to do so. The steps required to kill the witch include finding the 2 ritual objects and the witches personal item needed to destroy the witch, bringing the objects to the witches chamber, finding the ritual alter in the chamber, and then escaping the chamber before it collapses. While working towards this goal not only do you have to worry about the witch hunting, but sometimes a child can be seen running around that will kill you if you get too close to it. Not sure if it only spawns after picking up the baby doll ritual item or if it can spawn any time, but I have only seen it once time after picking up the doll.

Hunting Behavior:

You should be able to tell when the witch begins hunting because you will hear the witch start screaming before she begins to attack. Stopping the witch from hunting requires repelling it multiple times. The first couple times the witch will run away before coming back to attack again. You can tell when the hunt is over because it will look like the witch was forced away, which should happen after repelling it 2x-3x if you’re in the main map area, but if you’re in the witches cavern she will likely be back pretty quickly.

Entities weakness:

  • The crucifix can end a hunt.
  • The lantern will repel the witch wherever it shines as long as it is on.

Requirements to initiate banishing the entity:

The items you will need to collect are a dagger and baby doll. I have also found a family photo, but it doesn’t seem necessary to kill the witch. Sometimes the ritual items are sitting out on the map somewhere, but more often then not there is a special room that can spawn on the map in random locations that is the witches room where you can find the items.

How to banish the entity:

Once you collect the items you want to prepare to go fight the witch. I recommend taking the large flashlight, 3 crucifixes, and the lantern as while you travel underground looking for the ritual space the witch will be in a constant hunt mode where the lantern can keep the witch away pretty easily allowing the crucifix’s to be saved for emergency. To get to the caverns you will need to find the final room with a passage leading underground. After heading underground you will find yourself within a cavernous maze.

Keep looking around until you find what seems to be an obvious direct path that should lead towards the ritual area. Once you are there you will see 2 bowls where each of the ritual items need to be placed (baby doll on the left and dagger on the right) before setting on fire with the lighter before moving to the central pile to set the witch on fire. Once you complete the ritual run back the way you came until you escape the underground area and are back within the regular part of the map, but keep your eye out for holes in the ground as you will die if you fall in them.


The undead is a pretty simple entity, but also can be a bit tedious to defeat like the witch even though it is not nearly as difficult as the witch. All you have to do is find the items needed to complete the ritual to kill it in the final ritual room. Pretty straightforward, but just requires a lot of items to complete the task.

Hunting Behavior:

You can tell when the undead initiates a hunt because it will make a growling noise before seeing this massive undead entity roaming around the map looking for you. The first time it is repelled it will run away before coming back. When the undead entity seems to be pulled away from you after being repelled then you know the hunt is over for now, which usually happens after being repelled twice.

Entities weakness:

  • The crucifix repels the undead where it takes about 2 times repelling it to end a hunt where you know it ends when the undead gets pulled away rather than running away
  • The lantern will repel the undead.

Requirements to initiate banishing the entity:

To defeat the undead you need to collect the 3 ritual items (the dagger, the ritual book, and the goblet of blood) as well as identify the 3 symbols around the map. The ritual items usually are on the map somewhere, but can also sometimes be in a random room spawn, but that has been more of a rare occurrence in my experience.

How to banish the entity:

Before you go to fight the undead I would recommend dropping everything besides the flashlight and collecting up as many crosses as you can find even though you will likely only need one or maybe two. The first step is to find the ritual room once you are ready to defeat the undead, when you find it first place the book on the left side of the table in the holder as well as the goblet within the hand on the right side of the table, and after that you need to place the knife in the undead entity in the center of the ritual circle while also not getting so close that it will kill you. Be ready to pull out a crucifix once you initiate the ritual as the undead will generally initiate a hunt as soon as the ritual is started. After repelling it enough to end the active hunt use the lighter to light the 3 candles that are next to the 3 symbols that were identified around the map. Make sure to run away from the ritual circle after lighting the 3rd candle so you don’t get sucked in and die.


Nachtgheist are really simple entities to kill, but also very dangerous as they will immediately try to kill you and they can do so very fast. The good thing is that you can kill the entity as soon as you see it, but you just need to be cautious as you do so.

Hunt Behavior:

This entity is always hunting. There does seem to be a shadowy figure in the area of the entity, but as far as I can tell it does nothing. What you need to worry about is the flying black sheet that will constantly come at you extremely fast. It does not take long for it to kill you once it begins doing damage.

Entities weakness:

  • The crucifix will damage the entity, but it will not do a great job at repelling it where if anything it slows it down yet will still be able to get close enough to kill you before the crucifix breaks.
  • The flashing light with spectral sensor will repel the entity and damage it as well I believe.
  • The photo camera can also damage the entity.
  • The lantern will repel the enemy within the area it lights up.

Requirements to initiate banishing the entity:

It is as simple as finding it then killing it, but it is constantly in a hunting state so it requires being cautious.

How to banish the entity:

I recommend holding a flashlight, 2 crucifix’s, the flashing light with spectral sensor, and the lantern. Generally I walk around with the lantern on until I find it. One way to tell it is close is when you see it throw items around. If items start flying around you then that means the flying black cloak should be nearby. At that point I will place the lantern on the ground to create a safe zone before walking at it with the crucifix and/or the flashing light with spectral sensor where the flashing light is especially useful in repelling it whenever it gets too close and the lantern is too far away or not lit. It takes exposing it to about 1.5 crucifix’s to take it down. You will know when it is dying because it will stop trying to attack you and your items will stop reacting with it.


The shadow is in the middle as far as difficulty compared to the other entities. It can be a bit of a pain as it will attack pretty frequently and can be a bit nerve wrecking when it attacks as it can be hard to tell where it is, but repelling it is pretty simple. Defeating it requires finding the staff that will banish it on the map and using the bell that can be found on the map to initiate a hunt and draw it towards you.

Hunt behavoir:

When this entity hunts it will cause lights to go out, cause flat black blob shapes to appear on the walls/floor/ceiling, and a shadowy entity will start appearing that will do damage if it gets too close. Use the flashing light with spectral sensor to repel it by just holding it in your hand as your active item and it will automatically go off whenever the entity gets too close.

Entities weakness:

  • The flashing light with spectral sensor repels this entity and seems to be the only item that affects it.
  • The photo camera can also repel the entity like the flashing lights with spectral sense except it is not triggered automatically.
  • The papyrus seems to have some effect against the shadow (according to the tutorial) by placing it on a wall or something then luring the shadow to it, but not really sure what it does… Maybe it traps it in place or something if it gets too close or prevents it from traveling beyond where it is placed? When I used it the item seemed to have some effect as I could tell it activated when it caught fire, but I couldn’t really tell what it was doing.

Requirements to initiate banishing the entity:

Find the bell and the staff. They either spawn on the map or can spawn in random rooms where you can tell if they are shadow rooms because they will have the same markings on the door and wall surrounding it as the shadow causes when it hunts.

How to banish the entity:

I generally fight it in the starting room. I set up the area by placing the papyrus on the wall by the door and the whiteboard as well as placing the flashing light with spectral sensor on the tripod somewhere near the whiteboard pointing towards the center of the room. Use the bell to attract the entity when you are ready to fight him where it will begin hunting you once triggered. Switch to the staff once you begin to see the black blobs and look upwards and in the direction of the shadow once it appears where you want to look above the entities head essentially. You will know when it is doing damage because smoke will start coming out of the tip of the staff. When you defeat the entity because it will become a black ball that seems to be imploding.


The Flicker is a pretty interesting entity, but also a simple one. It can only be seen with camera objects where I find the thermal camera is best for keeping an eye on it from long distances while the night vision camera is best for keeping an eye on it at shot distances. It is attracted to sound so you will want to stay crouched as you travel around on the map to avoid attracting it to you. If it is far away you probably don’t have to sneak, but better to be safe than sorry! To kill the Flicker it just requires finding a single item then using that item to kill the entity.

Hunting behavior:

The entity doesn’t really hunt. It is always ready to attack and will attack if you get close to it, but it never actually hunts to the point that it requires items to repel it.

Entities weakness:

No real item weakness. It can’t see and only hear so as long as you sneak around the map and keep enough distance from the entity you won’t need to worry about it.

Requirements to initiate banishing the entity:

Find the mirror that can be used to kill the Flicker.

How to banish the entity:

I recommend keeping the thermal camera and night vision camera to find the entity. Continue to sneak around the map while getting close enough to the Flicker to kill it. Take out the mirror and look towards the Flicker until it can be seen in the mirror where you will know it is taking damage when the mirror starts shaking around. You will know when the Flicker dies as it explodes and leaves blood EVERYWHERE.


So that is the basics to the game… Pretty simple and straight forward once you know what you are doing. I think most of what I wrote is correct.

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