Soda Dungeon 2 – Guide to Warrior Dimension

A Guide for Warrior Dimension (Dimension 11) for people who want a general idea of what to do, but don’t need an excel spreadsheet and a flow chart.

Starting Warrior Dimension

Note: Credit goes to Sparkkie


… Anyways, the first part of the WD is basically the same as what you just finished. You want to catch up to where you finished Dimension 10, using the same team is fine; if you can squeeze the Dark Lord in for some exp, do it.

At this point you’re looking to get back up to that top floor and get whatever team you like to use geared up.

Moving passed that I used Dark Mages; I didn’t use them much in the first 10 dimensions but your main resource for progress in WD is essence and using a class that can hold more essence magnets + has the fastest casting AOE animation just seemed smart. Furthermore, once you’re way too powerful, claws are _by_far_ the fastest AOE and they use magic damage.

I’m going to break the next sections into Objectives; basically a goal you should aim for, and maybe some hand holding to help you figure out how to get there.

Getting Rid of Your Nurses

You need them, but they only slow you down.
Fix that.

There is 3 things you need to deal with.

  • Not killing in one round so they have a chance to attack
  • Not having enough health to survive a single shot from the ambush
  • The added damage from janitors & ambushes kill you before a fairy can be found to heal you

Issue 1 isn’t too bad. You will be able to kill the whole room with 3 DMs fairly soon after starting, the problem is single target. I recommend switching to using the swords with a single target spell, this will likely lower your aoe damage, but if you can kill the bosses and drop a nurse or two, then that should make up the difference in damage.

The Second Issue is solved with some health relics & using armor with good mitigation, I still recommended you use Nox for its faster cast times. This will only get better once you get class relics at level 50

Number Three is easy; max out HP Regen. By the time it’s no longer amazing, the cost to get it maxed is literally nothing.

Once you’ve dealt with all those issues, you should be running a team with no nurses; but we still need more power.

[Intermission Intensifies]

You probably figured this out on your own, but the level 25 skill of the Dark Lord is dope, you should keep him in the party; if you don’t need his damage, just make him block… if you do need it, I’ll leave that as an exercise to the reader.

PS: His level 25 skill is going to be key for ambushes later & his damage is genuinely helpful.

PPS: You should be getting the essence relic maxed

PPPS: I’m sorry, I know you don’t need me to tell you this, but I’m trying to keep everyone on the same page.

You’re not the Avatar: Ditch the Tarot

Drop the Mystic.

What does that require? lets make a list

  • Enough Mana

Okay so now that we’ve painstaking sorted through the issue, lets find a solution.

A Larger Mana pool and enough Keys to rely on Faeries.

I stopped around 300, I ended up putting a keyblade on my Thief for reasons that should be obvious; drop some points into the key relic if you still need it.
MLG Strats: If you’re dying with 0 keys, get more key relic.

Finally free of that crone, you should now be rocking a lean team of mostly dps. This is where you’re going to start smashing through a lot of floors on each trip. As your mana situation gets even better, its time to start thinking about switching from fireballs to lasers; that will deal with any boss related issues should you encounter them.

The Grind

Janitors and Ambushes are going to start being an issue.

Your only chance to kill the janitor before he slaps you with status effects is with your Dark Lord, we need to get him to 12k damage from his ability to entirely solve this problem. That’s a long ways away, but you’ll never hit it without his level 50 class Relic.

Dark Mages are going to start to fall slow on damage, you need more juice and the only solution is more Cowbell. Not literal cowbell but I’ll give you a hint, its something you get a level 50 and the answer should have been obvious before you ever read this paragraph.

No, you’re better than this, you know what you need.

Triangle gems speed it up, make them if you want, farm the mats if you want. It speeds it up I guess, but it also takes time… I was able to make 3? 4? something like that… Do it if you want.

If you find you’ve hit a really hard wall and just need levels, claw is the fastest AOE & you get exp per floor not per mob… Figure it out.

Once you’re all Class Relic’d up you’re going to start to pick up speed again, to the point where some of your Dark Mages are getting a free ride… Lets fix that.

Baby Come Back…

Okay so now we have too much Damage, I can’t believe you need me to tell you want to do next.

Lets list our your problems:

  • Ambushes Hurt
  • Janitors Hurt

Hopefully you can see the complex narrative thread woven betwixt those two points.

Drop a Mage, Get a Nurse.

Yea I know if the nurse gets hit she can’t heal her self, tough beans. With enough HP she can take a few hits, she should live to see a Fairy unless you suck at being lucky.

Drop a Mage, Get a Nurse.

Yea, real deep stuff here, at this point we’re really covering our butts for that one situation.

At this point, 1 shot ambushes will be saved by the DarkLord, Nurse will heal them up to 100% with her only skill, and the remaining DM will kill _anything_

Grats, you only have one real issue left.

The Metaphorical Cherry on Top

Make the Dark Lord Strong enough to kill Janitors.

I’ll give you a hint, use Relics. If you need to close the gap a little more there is a _very_ cheap relic you’ve likely been ignoring because it had almost no use so far but it does help with the Dark Lords AOE Damage.


Q: What did your team look like at __________?
A: NO, believe in the me that believes in you.

Q: I’m following your guide but I’m stuck at __________?
A: NO, believe in the me that believes in you.

Q: I’m not a fluent English speaker and I don’t understand __________?
A: It was a funny joke, I’m truly sorry you have to miss it

Q: What is the optimal ratio for relics?
A: I don’t know how on earth you made it all the way to this part of the guide. Your tenacity is admirable and I truly love the cut of your jib.

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