Soda Dungeon – Tips and Tricks

A bit of help for higher tier players.

Tips & Tricks


Alright. You have got 5 caps and gained the shifter.

Do not use it yet.

Although it may seem useful, the shifters will have significantly lower stats then your other fighters.

Only use once you have gained the shifter rune. Same for other types of fighter.

Only upgrade relics with caps once it costs more than 200000 essence to upgrade one relic 100 levels.

Tavern Staff

You know them, the gladiator, the wizard, the tavern owner and shop keeper, all there to help you out.

Of course, they can all be hired. but how useful are they?

The Gladiator

Although it may seem, this warrior is not very good at fighting. Only hire him unless you want to use his shifting stone on a shifter, for the static abilities help lots.

The Wizard

I would recommend hiring him first. His Active abilities are similar to a darkmage, yet he also has useful static abilities (such as double warp). Yet again though, only use his active abilities once you have his relic.

The Tavern Owner

Probably the best member of staff. He can not only put people to sleep but he also has useful static abilities.Only for progression runs.

The Shopkeeper

Useful for large amounts of damage on bosses thanks to the ability focus which stacks to 20x damage. Useful for hard levels.

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