Soda Story – Brewing Tycoon – Bunker Solution

Bunker Solution

Bunker Entrance

North-West of Scoops, you will need Cloud Walking effect to get there.

  • Hint: 4 8 15 _ _ 45
  • Solution: 16 23

Inside Bunker

Open the bunker and see following image.

  • Hint 1: There blinking lights on each the dot shown on map
  • Hint 2: The blinking lights are numbers in morse code, short light on . long ‘light on 
  • Solution: 54 92 5

You will get a red key, that you can use during the escape.

Red Key Door

During the escape you come across this door.

Use the red key to open it and enter. Interact with the console.

  • Solution: R A D I C A L
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