Song of Farca – Collectibles Guide

Guide to finding all collectibles in Song of Farca.


Note: I highly encourage you to try and find the collectibles on your own before consulting this guide! I had so much fun figuring out the riddles and hunting down every clue. It’s very rewarding, and you can select separate missions after you finish the campaign to go back and find the ones you missed!

Part 1: General Hints / Info

For those who don’t know, collectibles are scavenger hunt type items you can find through the chapters of Song of Farca. All chapters have 5 collectibles (except Back Online & The Gift, which have none). Collectibles tend to fit a theme for that specific case / chapter: a word often said, a visual theme of the case, something central to the suspect or victim, etc.

For this guide, lets start with some general hints about the collectibles and what they do.

  1. Where to start? The ‘Hunt’ emails are your clue here. You receive one email at the beginning of each chapter and the answer to the riddle within is what you need to find.
  2. What do Collectibles look like? Collectibles are found as pictures hidden within the images you come across during that chapters case. They will never be text or data of any kind (i.e. if the riddle’s solution was ‘bear’ then you are looking for 5 hidden images of a bear.)
  3. Examples: Collectible locations can be database searches, video chats, evidence, and more! (Note: no collectibles are found in video / data processing minigames )
  4. Why get collectibles? Collectibles will reward you with costumes, gallery art, and more, along with an email containing a little lore about Farca. Be sure to read it before the case ends!
  5. Warning! There is one collectible (in ‘Privacy is Dead’) that requires you to interact with a character in a specific way. All other collectibles are independent of your story choices and dialogue selection.

Part 2: Chapter Guide

Now, we move on to a more in depth guide, with details on the exact location of each collectible. Again, i highly encourage you do a playthrough first where you try and find them yourself! Or just use the hints i have provided to keep some of that mystery.

Case: Sir Derpalot

Hunt Email: “Shineys”

  • Riddle Hint #1: You’re looking for the creature, not the shineys they steal.
  • Riddle Hint #2: It’s not a crow, but close.

Answer: Magpie

  • #1 : Database Search for Carl. Look in the middle panel, left of the boy hugging a brown dog.
  • #2 : Database Search for Alexa. Look in the ‘Help Needed’ article, below the lighthouse.
  • #3 : Database Search for D. There is a blue bird perched on the cocktail glass
  • #4 : D’s Video Chat. Tattoo of a magpie on the back of his hand.
  • #5 : Alexas Video Chat. Bright green bird on the front of her shirt.

Case: Privacy Is Dead

Hunt Email: “Future Yous”

  • Riddle Hint #1: If you don’t finish your business, you have ‘unfinished business’
  • Riddle Hint #2: Kinda spooky, huh?

Answer: Ghost

  • #1 : Database Search for Jessica. Tattoo on her upper leg.
  • #2 : On the label of the bottle of vodka found in the community centre.
  • #3 : Harris Trans Video Chat. Tattoo on the back of his hand.
  • #4 : ‘We came clean’ Email. The hooded figure behind Jessica. [this one was a little finicky, had to click a bit above it]
  • #5 : !!!! This is the tricky one. To get this collectible, you need to ‘charm’ Mary (i.e. do not show her the drone when she asks for evidence you’re on her side). The way i did this was telling her that Jessica was being forced into the adult industry by her manager. The picture (“Photo of the blackmailer”) you then get of Mary at the Plug & Mugs bar has a little ghost on a paper beside her.

Case: The Roikonen Progeny

Hunt Email: “Hunger”

  • Riddle Hint #1: You’d break your back trying to actually swim in these.
  • Riddle Hint #2: Unless you’re a duck.

Answer: Gold Coins

  • #1 : Database Search for Aker. In the ‘New Season Premiere!’ article, in the bottom right corner of the image.
  • #2 : Database Search for Samo. In the ‘World Ending Sequence’ Article, the cube in the middle of the image.
  • #3 : Database Search for Aku. His gold Lapel pin. (the pin shows up in his evidence board profile picture, but you have to actually go into the database search and collect it from there)
  • #4 : Gygas Video Chat. The pendent around Billys neck.
  • #5 : The hinge pin on the “World Eater” Storage drive / USB.

Case: Martyrs Flesh

Hunt Email: “Mark My Words”

  • Riddle Hint #1: What type of map?
  • Riddle Hint #2: If check-marks are for correct, what is for wrong?

Answer: X (… marks the spot)

  • #1 : Database search for Shatze. X on the side of the red building.
  • #2 : Shatze’s doctors corpse. Painted on his chest.
  • #3 : Peter Azalea’s Video Chat. On his face (that is the only X that will work)
  • #4 : PATH Video Chat. On the greeting robots chest.
  • #5 : Wall of Crazy. There are several X’s here, the white one up top worked for me.

Case: Shatze’s Favor

Hunt Email: “Like A Clean Shaven Movie Star”

  • Riddle Hint #1: Screams can bounce back.
  • Riddle Hint #2: Bats don’t like fish

Answer: Dolphin

  • #1 : Database Search for the Trophy. The logo on the marathon winners shirt.
  • #2 : Film poster. Above the date
  • #3 : Aurelius Video Chat. His neck device (flashes green occasionally). Hard to see, but there is a dolphin there.
  • #4 : ‘Sleeping Gas’ Email. In the smoke on the right side.
  • #5 : ‘How to Scale Buildings’ Email. Beside the building (left side).

Case: It’s Dark In Here

Hunt Email: “Immortal Genealogy”

  • Riddle Hint #1: Come on…. this one’s a classic.
  • Riddle Hint #2: The bird that rises from its own ashes.

Answer: Phoenix

  • #1 : ‘Fire Word Blog’ Email. Click the head of the bird to register.
  • #2 : Heavy Metal Band poster. On the Lead Guitarists Shirt.
  • #3 : Notebook with Children’s Stories. On the Cover.
  • #4 : Database Search for Riona. In the photo of her husband and kid at the hospital, there is a phoenix on a poster on the back wall. It’s small, just to the left of the chair where her family is sitting.
  • #5 : ‘Burning Phrase Blog’ Email. Again, click the head of the bird if it wont register.

Case: A Way Out

Hunt Email: “The Bastards”

  • Riddle Hint #1: A very specific nanny, mind you.
  • Riddle Hint #2: Your legs will definitely get wet.

Answer: Umbrella

  • #1 : ‘Warning’ Email. Red umbrella held by protester.
  • #2 : Database Search for Jessica. Look at the guy in red, he has a closed umbrella tucked against him.
  • #3 : Database Search for Fazih. That big, circular, white softbox sure looks like an umbrella, doesn’t it?
  • #4 : ‘Fighting for Our Cause’ Email. Third persons lapel pin.
  • #5 : Database Search for Aurelius. In ‘security notice’ an umbrella tucked under someones arm.

Case: Rotten Fruits

Hunt Email: “Innocence”

  • Riddle Hint #1: ‘Contain’ is an odd word choice. The wolf just likes to dress up!
  • Riddle Hint #2: Beware… the wolf among the….?

Answer: Sheep / Lamb

  • #1 : Database Search for Bloody Lighthouse. In front of the circle of sheep, there is a lamb in shadow.
  • #2 : Database Search for Joe. Lamb carving in top left image.
  • #3 : ‘Update 12.0.0456’ Email. Lab creature in the poster (click on the head if its having trouble registering)
  • #4 : First Roikonen victim (Body). Lamb marking on the headlamp.
  • #5 : Second Roikonen victim (Body). Lamb in the blood spatter, to the left of the body.

Case: La Femme Disparue

Hunt Email: “Chamber Riddle”

  • Riddle Hint #1: Oh that’s funny. They only look like a butt if you DON’T draw the chambers.
  • Riddle Hint #2: This riddle really gets my blood pumping!

Answer: Heart

  • #1 : ‘A Poem’ Email. Look at Jessica’s hands
  • #2 : Database Search for Jessica. In ‘DeLapines new show’ there is a heart on the curtain behind her.
  • #3 : Tickets to a show. Heart around the date on the ticket.
  • #4 : Jar of Cookies. Heart on the label of the jar.
  • #5 : Bomb Laughter Video Chat. The greeter robot’s arm attachment bolt is shaped like a heart.

Case: On The Edge

Hunt Email: “The Last Riddle”

  • Riddle Hint #1: “Lost one?” More like “Watched one crumble to the ground!”
  • Riddle Hint #2: How will the boats find their way now?

Answer: Lighthouse

  • #1 : ‘Presidents Statement Transcript’ Email (the first one). There’s an old picture of the intact lighthouse.
  • #2 : Drone Return Point. ‘This is our City” Pamphlet. The pamphlet is not part of the investigation, and is missable! (you can always go back to the building though)
  • #3 : Isaac’s Video Chat. Lighthouse tattoo on his lower arm.
  • #4 : Mary’s Video Chat. Lighthouse tattoo on her upper arm
  • #5 : Isaac’s laptop. A sticker on the bottom left corner, below the keyboard.
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