Sons Of The Forest – Companions Guide

This guide was created to list all known available companions in the game, Sons of the Forest as well as the cons and pros of having them in your team as well as their general behavior. What you will do with them is completely up to you.


As of 25/FEB/2023, there are only two companions; Kelvin and Virginia.

Both will share similar gameplay mechanics;

  1. They can be attacked and get downed when suffered enough damage.
  2. They can point out enemies to the player(s).
  3. They can rest, eat and drink.
  4. They can interact with most objects.
  5. They can be revived when downed.

Both can be killed permanently. Such action is irreversible as they cannot be revived upon death.

Furthermore, both cannot follow you into caves.

If anything is not mentioned please let me know. It’s a new game with, possibly, unique secret gameplay mechanics from companions.


Kelvin is the first companion you will encounter in the game immediately after the helicopter’s crash. He wears a tactical vest with his nametag stitched on it and it comes with a GPS tracker, allowing you to track his location anytime.

Originally, a tactical soldier before suffering significant brain damage that rendered him, possibly, permanently deaf and mute. This is known as being “braindead” as the community calls him.

As of result, he is incapable of any combat but will handle menial tasks (ie. collect logs, fish, etc) assigned by the player, you, by writing on your notepad and showing it to him. He will usually look at it and nod before handling the assigned task.

Because of his severe injuries, he is unable to fight enemies and will always run away in fear. Whatever items Kelvin was holding will be dropped on the spot before running away. He may sometimes point at the enemies he sees though, making him a useful spotter at times.


  1. Capable to handle most menial tasks such as chopping trees, collecting fish/logs/sticks, etc.
  2. Will point out enemies for the player(s).
  3. Has a GPS locator on his vest, allowing the player(s) to locate him should they lose track of him for any reason.


  1. Literally braindead (no pun intended) due to his brain injuries. He may chop down trees you did not want to especially if you built tree houses on them. He may randomly run away from you for any reason. It is unknown if they are intended behaviors or AI bugs.
  2. Incapable of any combat. Vulnerable to any enemy.
  3. Cannot be equipped with anything, including weapons.
  4. Cannot be independent for the most part. Must be commanded via notepad.


Virginia is the second, optional, companion that the player(s) will encounter in the game. Unlike Kelvin, she is not available immediately after the helicopter crash. Instead, she will randomly appear near the player (usually at the base they are at). What happens after that is completely up to the player(s) as their actions may or may not make her a companion.

Virginia behaves differently from Kelvin. She can fight enemies and cannot be commanded in any way therefore no menial tasks or whatever. This may be because of the language barrier.

She’s a lot more independent than Kelvin and will follow nearby players automatically, hang around the base, use objects, etc.

Making her a companion is different and requires patience and caution from the player(s). She will appear in blue clothes, cautiously approaching the player(s). When you see her, it’s recommended to holster your weapons (basically, be unarmed) as having weapons displayed will frighten her and make her leave temporarily, reducing your chances of making her a companion. Approaching her too close may make her leave as well.

Furthermore, attacking her may make her leave for good.

Once you are unarmed, she may hang around for a moment before leaving. This may repeat for a few days before she starts to bring some gifts.

After that, she may start to hang around your base comfortably. You will know this if she doesn’t get frightened by you approaching too close to her and if you are able to drop items on her.

When that happens, you can equip firearms at her. She will use them without the use of ammo.

Basically, let her be. Take it easy and she will start to trust you and allow you to stand next to her after a few peaceful encounters.


  1. Capable in any combat. She will fight enemies with firearms without using ammo, making her a very useful combat companion. Without firearms, she’ll only point out enemies but may self-defend if attacked upon.
  2. Automatically follows nearby players at any time.
  3. A lot more independent than Kelvin. As of result, you may see her sitting on the ground, sitting on the benches, following players, attacking enemies, etc.
  4. May drop you gifts from time to time. They are usually useful, they can be unharvested animals or herbs.
  5. May sometimes ask you to follow her and lead you to secret areas (ie. unmarked caves).


  1. Incapable of any menial tasks as she cannot be commanded at all.
  2. Cannot be equipped with melee weapons, only firearms.
  3. Requires patience to make her a companion. Any wrong actions may result in her in not trusting you, leaving you for good.
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