Sons Of The Forest – Getting Better FPS on Intel Arc A770/A750

In this guide we will be using DXVK, a vulkan wrapper to get better fps inside the game.


In this guide we will be using the DXVK-Wrapper/Vulkan-Wrapper to get more fps on intel arc systems. My system went from getting 30fps and below to running a smooth 60fps on ultra.


This is essentially modding your game. So it can pose risk if the game does not allow modding in the future.

Getting DXVK to Work with the Game

So to start with you are going to need to download the latest version of DXVK.

You can do that from its GitHub. Download the first thing under the assets section.

After that open the compressed folder you just downloaded until you find 2 folders with the names x64 and x32, go to the x64 folder.

Now in the case of the intel arc a770/a750 you will need to get 2 dll files from this folder, those being the “d3d11.dll” and the dxgi.dll.

now drop those file in the same folder as the exe of the game. Easiest way to find it, is just to press the gear icon on the game library page and click manage > browse local files, and then just dropping the 2 files inside that folder.

Now the game should be rusing the vulkan wrapper when you boot the game, and you should be able to get quite a bit more out of you intel arc series graphics card.

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