Sons Of The Forest – How to Adopt a Mutant Girl with 3 Legs

Guide: How to Adopt a Mutant Girl

So after my first time playing I instantly managed to wipe my deaf co-worker out of existance by entering a cave, I decided to get me a waifu.

Setting up shelter at the beach near the shark infested waters i found a pew pew in a raft off the coast.
After obtaining my pew pew a shark as big as a 4×4 attacked me but as a responsible gun owner I only magdumped him… twice.

On the shore i saw a women 3 legs 3 arms in a bikini… I thought i was dreaming. She always ran away from me as all women do. So I decided it was time to get my 5th restraining order.


  • Find Women
  • Watch her and make sure she is looking at you
  • Approach
  • She’ll run away
  • Watch her always be in her line of sight
  • She comes closer and runs away
  • Don’t give up it only took me 3 hours
  • She will start approaching and then run away again
  • After some time she’ll start dancing (saw it like 3 times)
  • Then she will play games with you (hiding behind tree)
  • Then she will do the amber and take a sh.. behind a tree (i wish i was joking)
  • You will see that she comes closer after some time again
  • (She will put her hands up once like don’t hurt me)
  • And run away
  • After about 45 min she startet being nice for the first time
  • She bring fruit for you to eat and say some words that are not understandable
  • She did it like 3 times
  • After a while doing the back and forth game again of her running away
  • She finally came closer and then take off again
  • She did that quite a bit until at some point she came up to me (never move she runs away!)
  • Once backpack symbol comes up
  • You finally domesticated her
  • She likes you now but still runs away from you once you wear your creepy fedora
  • Also she likes to dance at the beach while the radio is playing music.
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