Sons Of The Forest – How to Find the Gun

The pistol is that object that in Sons of The Forest will save us from more than one trouble throughout our expeditions in the caves and when it comes to eliminating a powerful enemy. Let’s see where to find this precious object.

Guide to Find the Gun

Before Starting

Before starting our search for the gun, we must have the GPS in our inventory. The GPS is located inside the survival kit, which opens in the inventory. Here, we will find the regulation axe, the crafting book and the GPS with a map of the area quite clear. Well, with the GPS in our hands, we must go to one of the purple points marked on the map, continuing with the mission to find the other team of companions.

Starting from the crashed helicopter, we will have to follow the purple dot in the water, the one pointing north in this image.

The Partner

As we follow the trail marked by the GPS, it will start beeping as we get closer to our partner. We will find ourselves at the water’s edge, right in front of the sea. A few meters from the shore, we will see a red dot and we will have to swim towards it without fear.

The path is a bit long, but fortunately, the character swims fast enough and gets tired slowly, so in a couple of minutes we will have reached our destination.

To get into the small lifeboat, we will have to press E. Not without effort, our character will climb up and see what he least expected: one of his companions has committed suicide. We know this because he has the gun next to him and is looking up. As he will no longer care, we will pick up the pistol, next to the corpse, as well as some items that may come in handy, such as some flares.

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