Sons Of The Forest – All Important Items + Locations Guide

In this guide, I’ll show you the way to the shovel!

The GPS Tracker and Pistol Locations

The GPS tracker can be found on the liferaft in the water. You can swim up to it and climb the raft.

There are some items there including a pistol and the GPS tracker. The location can easily be found since it’s one of the highlighted areas in the water.

The Rebreather Location

This cave is very close to the starting area. You can find it very easily when using the GPS. When you have entered this cave, explore the surroundings for a bit until you go further. Once you go deeper into this cave you will eventually find the rebreather.

The Zipline Gun Location

The Zipline gun can be found north at the helicopter crash site (your starting point).

The first cave you see is close to two tents with a small water pond in front of it.

The Modern Axe Location

The Modern Axe can be found between the three blimping-locations on your GPS somewhat in the middle of the ones that are closer to the winter location close to two caves as you can see in the picture. The Modern Axe is inside a body in a few tents. Can be obtained in 15+/- from the spawn location. Though keep in mind, sometimes there are cannibals near. The Modern Axe is heavy and does more damage but is slower when it comes to attacking/hitting enemies or trees.

The Flashlight Location

The flashlight can be found at the three blimping locations on the GPS the closest to a cave. There is a man hanging on a rope. Cut down this rope from the top, go down, and pick up the flashlight.

The Taser Location

The taser can be found at the closest cave to the spawn area. Follow the right side of the cave to the end and you will find a man hanging with a taser next to it.

The Revolver Location

The revolver can be found when digging up the site on the golf field in the open. When digged enough, you’ll see a hatch. From there, you know what to do.

The Modern Axe Location

The Modern Axe can be found at this location sticking inside a person’s body.

The Fireaxe Location

When obtained the shovel, the story starts as you could have told. Go to these locations on the map. In here you will also find the keycard including the fire axe.

The Keycards Location

As you can see in the FIREAXE section. The maintenance keycard is here as well.

From here, you basically unlock everything.

The Compound Bow Location

Maintenance B hatch. You need a shovel to enter. A keycard is not required.

Once exploring, you’ll find the bow next to a drowned man. In here you will also find regular loot, a silencer and a printer.

The Machete Location

The machete or ‘kukri’ can be found very close to the spawn point as you can see on the picture.

It’s 2 minutes of walking/running and you’ll see something sticking out of a boat. It’s quick but doesn’t do as much damage as the axe.

The Shotgun Location

When you have found the keycards, now you can open the doors to the bunkers.

I will not spoil to much cause there’s plenty to explore but when you are at this place on the beach, open the door to the bunker and see for yourself.

The Crossbow Location

When you have the keycard, open the door to this bunker below. With all the nature growing inside. You will find quite some loot including bolts for your crossbow. Open the door and explore. You can find a body at the right side in the second or third room laying on the ground.

The Shovel Location

Explore this cave and you will find it rather easily. Oh wait, forgot easy. There are quite some monsters down there so before going in. Make sure to grab some batteries, frag grenades or Molotov, use the weapons (guns) and go slowly. It’s quite hard doing this solo, not gonna lie.

The Katana Location

The Katana can be found when you are going to this part of the world. At the lake, there’s a bunker. If you explore every room you will eventually find it. The Katana is on a stand in the living room next to the couches.

The Chainsaw, Guitar and Guest Key Locations

When going to this cave, be prepared for a bit of cannibal here and there, and definitely bring some batteries with you as you will need them. This cave/bunker is very big and there are a lot of things that you can pick up. Mostly money though. In this cave, you will also find the guitar, a chainsaw, and a guest key. You will find them. The key can be found close to the end of this cave/bunker near bodies sitting on a table with loads of money around them. The guitar can be found on the bar and the chainsaw at the cinema.

The Can Opener Location

The can opener can be found at the cave location at the snowy mountain. It can’t be missed.

At this location, there is a bit of loot, some rags, and other useful items and when going inside this cave you will find a bit more useful items. The only special item you can find here is the can opener which you can use to open cans. It’s a nice food resource to take with you.

The Golden Armor (Key to Ending)

The same location where you can find the Katana as well. Simply explore the rooms and you will find the golden armor. You need this to continue to the ending part of the game.

The Silencer (Heli Crash Location)

At the helicopter crash site, you will find a case with a silencer and some other basic loot. Not much else to find here.

The Crashed Plane Location

At this location, there is a crashed airplane. All you can find is basic loot, food, money, and a leather jacket from the pilot. Keep in mind, there is a lot of deer here for food and armor.

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