Sons Of The Forest – Infinite Pistol Mags

Using Virginia for infinite mags.

Getting the Gun

Don’t have the Pistol yet? no worries just open your GPS press the middle mouse button until your zoomed out and go to the purple marker in the middle of the ocean.

There is a life raft you will have to swim out to but be careful there is a shark protecting it. Once on the life raft you will find the gun and a tracker, use the gun to kill the shark and swim back to shore.

Getting Virginia to Trust You

When Virginia approaches you don’t have a weapon out. To put away your weapon press g. She will walk up to you multiple times and run away.

She will eventually bring you gifts and then you will be able to access her inventory, she will also stay close to you and your base.

Infinite Mags

To get infinite mags (not ammo) open Virginia’s inventory and give her the gun. When you give her the gun take it right back and the gun will be reloaded and full of ammo.

You will have 12 shots then will need to repeat the process.

Created by Karma

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