Sons Of The Forest – Useful Tips

Quick Tips

  • Chests from start of the game refresh, so go back at the end of every day.
  • There is free loot to the left of crash site that I forgot about, it has breakfast and soda.
  • Don’t make a custom base yet like in the trailers, I tried and didn’t know how to make a door, so I had to scratch that idea and make a log cabin from crafting book.
  • If you see a red dashed line on an object (eg. wood) it means you can hold down primary button with your tool and chop it, break it, ect.
  • Kelvin’s “Clear Area” button means he will clear it’s MATERIALS, so don’t be afraid he’ll fight that cannibal stalking you and engage a fight.
  • That Mutant lady will come to YOU rather than you having to find her… just a heads up so you don’t have to wonder where to go to meet her.
  • You have one free death. If you die in a cave, you respawn near the exit. If you die to a cannibal outside, you spawn at their camp and free yourself from a trap (eg. tied to pole with rope).

Go to those green circles! They indicate a base or bunker with lots of supplies!

Tips for Surviving Your First Night

Here are the top five Sons of the Forest recommendations straight from the developers at Endnight Studios! Here are some helpful hints for making it through your first night in the forthcoming survival horror game, Sons of the Forest, whether you’re brand-new to the universe of The Forest or a seasoned player anxious to dive into The Forest successor.

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