Sons Of The Forest – What to Do First

What to Do, Where to Go?

Once the game starts, fans of The Forest will know exactly what to do to survive.

Starting from the beginning, after taking control over the hero, you should search all the suitcases around the wreckage of the plane. In them, you will find a lot of materials and gadgets that will later help you build structures (e.g. a tent, a basic element in survival), or fight/defend against opponents.

To learn the plot of Sons of the Forest, you will have to visit 3 bunkers in a certain order – in each of them you will find useful items that will help you explore the locations and shed light on what is happening on the island.

Before you get equipment that will allow you to hunt larger animals (e.g. a bow), you must use the hunting knife and the ax obtained from the booster pack right after starting the game. After collecting the items around the plane, it’s best to build a tent and a bonfire – or order Kelvin, your companion, to create the latter, who will do it without any objections.

Once you have a bonfire, you can go on your first hunt. Get the axe, which has a longer range, and hide the hunting knife in your inventory. Look for hares and squirrels – try to approach them silently, using crouch (left CTRL), and only when you are close to them, run up and attack them with your weapon.

In the beginning of the game – until you create a hip flask in a 3D printer – you will have to search for or create a temporary shelter in a place where there is a river or lake. In these places you will find drinking water (the one from the sea is poisonous). Just go into the water a bit deeper and you will notice the icon responsible for replenishment of liquids.

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