Soul Knight – Living Room Walkthrough

Soul Knight is a pixel shooter with a top-down view, where players explore procedure-generated underground. They have to fight crowds of enemies including mighty bosses, look for weapons and deal with different side quests.

Soul Knight is a roguelite game openly inspired by Enter the Gungeon. In this game, you will have to navigate the darkest depths of a dungeon full of dangerous threats… and weapons. There are more than a hundred different weapons that you can use to kill the monsters that you meet along the way.

Living Room Walkthrough

Before you go to a dungeon, you’ll be in the living room. The first thing you should do here – choose a character.


At the time of writing this article, there were 14 available characters in Soul Knight. Each of them has certain stats by default and a unique ability. You can find more information about them in the article ‘’Soul Knight characters guide’’, but here we will enumerate all available characters:

  • Knight
  • Rogue
  • Wizard
  • Elf
  • Alchemist
  • Engineer
  • Priest
  • Werewolf
  • Vampire
  • Paladin
  • Druid
  • Robot
  • Assassin
  • Berserker

Knight will be available by default. Every character can be improved – up to 6 updates maximum. It requires gems, and only one of the stats improves. Usually, the last update gives some defined passive ability. In addition, you can choose a skin for each character. It influences nothing – it’s just a cosmetic function.

Living Room (Preparation)

All available characters are in the living room. In the middle at the top, there is the door with ‘’two swords’’, which you can use to set off on a trip into the dungeon. To the left of the passageway there are:

  • Chest – you can find here a random item before the walkthrough. You have to pay 1000 gems. One of the following items will drop: Pitchfork, Pioneer, Shotgun, Desert Eagle, Snow Fox XL, Revolver, Bow, AK-47, Assault Rifle, Ninja Stars.
  • Safe – you can improve it to receive some gold (don’t confuse it with gems, gold is used to buy some items during a concrete walkthrough) at the beginning of each walkthrough.
  • Fridge – it gives an access to the gems shop where you can buy them for real money, get them for free if you watch a commercial, or buy the card Free Revival Card (you can revive once in a walkthrough using gems, watching a commercial, or using this card). We don’t recommend to buy the latter.
  • Gashapon Machine – you can buy a gashapon for 200 gems. If interacted with, the gashapon will crack open, some item will appear. It can be a random weapon as well as a bomb, which damages your character. A gashapon can also be empty, contain a certain amount of gems (10, 20, 60, 100, 200, 500), small or big health potions.

At the bottom on the left, there are stairs leading to the basement. Here you can see a gun collection, the bestiary of enemies you have already defeated, and lower – you can learn more about opened characters and pets. On the left of the table located in the middle of the room there are Wizard and Vampire with The Book Pile nearby. You can get an additional critical chance of improving these books for gems.

Later you can see here:

  • Plant – use your gems to improve the plant and to increase the base speed of your character.
  • Mail Guy – he gives you a daily bonus.
  • Badass Travel – allows activating Badass Mode (high difficulty mode).
  • Lucky Cat – donations for developers.
  • Pet Food – it gives additional Pet health points. Although it doesn’t die, it stops attacking enemies after he received a great amount of damage.

In the room on the right, there is a trader with three shelves (you can get specific items, which are renewed once in some period of time or immediately for 250 gems).

On the left of the trader, there is a TV – watch it to get the item lying opposite the TV. On the right of the trader, there are spare parts – unlocking an Engineer you can build the Robot from them, which is available for the passing of dungeons.

On the bottom right there is the chest with collected components for crafting, a little more to the left – the smith’s table. You can use the latter to craft different weapons but only after you found it at least 10 times.

Outside the living room there are four Garden Plots, where you can grow vegetables used as weapons.

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