Soulmask – How to Make Your Tribesmen Work

How to Assign a Tribesman to Work

In Soulmask, you can make your tribesmen do different jobs like gathering resources and making items and gear.

This will save you a lot of time so you can explore more. Here’s how to give jobs to your tribesmen:

  1. Check a tribesman’s stats to see what they’re good at
  2. Give jobs to your tribesmen
  3. Choose what kind of items go in storage boxes
  4. Have your tribesmen use crafting tables for you

Helpful Hotkeys:

  • E: Open storage or tribesman’s bag. Hold E on the storage or tribesman to see more options
  • D: Give jobs at the Crafting Table
  • O: See the tribesman’s stats
  • L: Choose the item type for a storage box

When you first light a bonfire, your first tribesman will show up. You can give them a job right away.

To get ready, press O to open the character page. Click the button to switch between tribesmen. You can also press icon (shown in the picture) to see info on all your tribesmen.

The tribesman’s info will show on the right, like their top skill levels and weapon skills. This helps with giving them good jobs.

Early on, look at their current skill levels more than their max levels. This makes sure they work well. Later in the game, tribesmen with higher max skills will be more helpful.

Tribesmen with high weapon skills are better at fighting with you. More on that later.

After seeing what jobs a tribesman likes, you can give them that job. But first you need to do some setup.

If you want a tribesman to harvest, give them the right tool. Hold E on the tribesman to open their bag. Give them a scythe for collecting plants and stuff. You can also put the tool in a box and they’ll grab it.

Then close their bag. Hold E on the tribesman and pick “Tribesman Work Assignment”.

To give your tribesmen jobs, follow these 4 steps:

  1. Choose “Harvest” as the job.
  2. For “Work Location”, pick your Bonfire or press R to place a custom marker. Your tribesmen will work within 30m of the marker. Make sure the marker is not too far from the Bonfire and the area is safe.
  3. Select “harvest” and give the tribesmen a Scythe.
  4. Choose a storage spot like a box, Bonfire, or crafting table. The tribesmen will put the resources they gather there.

Press E to confirm and click the taskbar, then press space to start the job. If they don’t start, check if they have the right tools (axe, scythe, or pickaxe) and if the work location is close enough. To change jobs, press E.

You can change job priority by dragging tasks in the taskbar.

You can also tell tribesmen which storage box to use. This makes it easier to find resources later. To do this:

  1. Open the box page and press L to set the resource type for the box.
  2. Rename the box to something that makes sense.
  3. Press G in the box page to sort items into the right boxes.

To have tribesmen craft items:

  1. Press P at a crafting table like the Carpenter’s Table and assign a tribesman to it. A yellow marker shows who is in charge.
  2. Hover over the item you want to make, like Plank, and press D to set up the crafting job. Choose how many to make.
  3. If you have the materials (like Logs for Planks) in a storage box or at the crafting table, the tribesman will get them and start crafting.

Once you know how to do this, you can get more tribesmen and set up an automated crafting system.

I hope this helps!

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