Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator – Introduction to the Organ Trade

How to maximize profits buying and selling organs without having to touch the stock market.

The Basics

The value of organs are effected by their condition. The higher the condition, the more valuable the organ.

The soul and mythical heart improve the condition of nearby organs over time.

This allows us to buy low condition organs for cheap, use souls to increase their condition, and then sell them for a profit.

Here’s an example of my hold, setup to repair my organs for maximized profits.

The Mechanics of the Soul

The mechanics of the soul’s healing effect:

  • The healing effect is only applied to the organs directly adjacent.
  • The healing effect stacks.
  • The condition of the Soul does not effect its healing ability.
  • The size of the Soul does not effect its healing ability.
  • The quality of the Soul does effect its healing ability.

Tips and FAQ


The ‘increased decay rate’ of certain holds is worse on the larger variants and will slow down the rate at which you ‘grow’ your organs. Refrigerated holds have the opposite effect. The quicker you shift stock, the better.

What organs should I buy?

When looking for potential organs to trade, there are really only three things you should be looking out for: The condition, the price, and the organ type. Try and get low condition, expensive, organs to maximize your potential profit. Here’s an example of a good deal below, but an even lower condition would be better.

What organs should I avoid?

  • Shard: Condition can’t be improved so won’t raise in value in your hold.
  • Pseudomant: Breaks at 0 condition and can be bought at 0 condition, breaking instantly and dropping heavily in value. Safe to buy at 1 condition provided your hold is setup correctly to prevent organ decay.
  • Rotcane and Firosta: Damages your ship after being moved/sold. Not worth buying unless you have a protected hold or there is high profit potential.
  • Mythical Brain: Takes longer to improve. Can still be worth buying, but not worth it if you’re tight on space.

What about size?

Size does not effect the price of your organs and so can be ignored.


Remember to replace your souls with better quality ones over time. Four mythical souls around an organ results in a healing rate of ~2 condition a second. Utilizing such a setup for your most expensive purchases can result in huge profits with minimal risk posed by market crashes.

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