Spellbook Demonslayers – Guide to Easy Farming Astral Flowers

How to Farm Astral Flowers Easy

Note: Credit goes to No-one Special

While Spellbook Demonslayers is a great game, there’s a crazy amount to unlock. This guide will teach how to unlock dozens of flowers in minutes without even having to play because of one simple reason: You are automatically awarded an Astral Flower every run.

  1. Start a run.
  2. Immediately open Pause/Options menu (default is Esc) and select ‘End Run’, then ‘Yes’.
  3. On the Summary screen, hit Restart.
  4. Repeat.

Congrats. You’re now getting a Flower every restart. Keep doing this over and over, and you can rack up dozens upon dozens of Flowers. But the process can be ever so slightly quicker.

On the Summary screen, instead of ‘Restart’, hit Esc again and ‘End Run’ again.

It will take you to the Summary screen again, but it will consider it a ‘run’ and award an additional Flower. This skips the whole ‘How to Play’ screen and the drop in to the map.

Warning: Be warned the frame rate starts to drop every iteration with this method.

If you Quit to Title or Restart from the Summary screen it will fix it .

I suggest doing it once every 4-6 Flowers.

And that’s it. You can easily rack up 90-100 flowers in the space of 5 minutes this way.

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