Splinter Cell – Xbox Controller Setup

Sharing how I got my Xbox controller working.

Xbox Controller Setup

1) Create and enable an Xpadder profile as shown below

Do not map WASD keys to the left thumb stick. It will be configured by your SplinterCellUser.ini file. The right thumb stick is mapped to Mouse Move Up/Down/Right/Left.

2) Edit SplinterCellUser.ini file

Browse the folder with your Splinter Cell game executable and edit SplinterCellUser.ini there. The file maybe located in:

  • Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Splinter Cell\system\SplinterCellUser.ini

Then in your SplinterCellUser.ini file replace the following lines:



With these:

JoyX=Axis aStrafe DeadZone=0.3
JoyY=Axis aForward DeadZone=0.3


3) You’re all set

Note that you have to press the D-Pad (Arrow) Up button at the beginning of each mission in order to get the right movement speed.

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